28 March 2013

{Guest Post} 5 Ways to Prevent Getting Sick While on Vacation

There are few moments that are more exciting than getting ready to go on vacation. You make sure to pack the essentials such as suntan lotion, your bathing suit and sunglasses. You bring your camera so you can post pictures of your vacation for all of your friends to see. But if you are not careful, then those pictures could be of you spending the entire vacation sick in your hotel room. There are some tips you can follow that will help you avoid getting sick before and during your holiday.

See The Doctor Before You Leave

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Schedule an appointment with your doctor at least a week before you leave for your vacation. Your doctor will be able to see the signs of a pending condition that could bring your entire vacation down. You should also let your doctor know where you will be going so that he can give you any shots you will need and make suggestions on how to stay healthy. If you are running low on prescriptions, then let your doctor know that you need to buy Zyprexa, along with your other prescription medication, before you leave.

Dress For The Weather

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Las Vegas can be a desert paradise that reaches temperatures in excess of 100 degrees during the day. But when the sun goes down, the temperatures in Vegas can plummet to below 50 degrees. Always so research on where you will be going and bring clothes that will be appropriate for the weather. You should plan for extremes so that you are not taken by surprise. For example, if there is any chance that it will snow in Miami while you are there, then bring at least one set of clothes you could wear to stay warm and avoid disease.


Get Rest And Drink Fluids

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When you are at home, you always make sure to drink your daily allowance of water and get plenty of rest to maintain your good health. Those are two good habits you should take with you when you head out for vacation. You want to have a good time, but you do not want to weaken your body and expose it to disease at the same time.

Be Sure To Eat Regular Meals

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Some people will skip meals to have extra money for fun activities while on vacation. If you deny your body the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, then you will wind up spending the vacation in bed instead of doing anything fun.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

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When you visit a popular vacation spot, you are sharing the space with thousands of people from all over the world. The smartest thing to do is wash your hands at least three times a day to eliminate any of the bacteria you may have picked up opening doors or touching windows.
The key to enjoying a vacation is remaining healthy enough to do the things that you want to do. You are supposed to leave the world behind on vacation, but that does not mean that you should forget to take care of yourself. Practice good health habits on vacation and avoid spending the entire trip confined to your hotel room.

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