15 April 2013

How To Teach Children Through Gardening

Getting together as a family to do some gardening can provide a great platform for teaching children right in your own backyard. Greenhouses can also provide a great backyard lesson for the kids, especially for gardening year to year! While the kids are nurturing seedlings into thriving fruits and veggies, they are also learning basic associations such as how different factors like weather and pests can affect the plants. They are also learning responsibility and how their own actions of watering and weeding help to nurture the plants. Getting to experience the transitional process from a seedling to a full grown plant also teaches a child patience, a vital life lesson.

Another great reason to get the little ones involved with gardening is that it can actually help with picky eaters! By helping to have a hand in growing their own food, your child will be more likely to want to try their own hand picked fruits and veggies. Try taking it a step further by having them help cook the meal with the harvest they help to pick from the garden and you may just be surprised to see your picky eater excited to taste their own creation! Picky eater or not, it's worth noting that children that are involved with gardening will be more apt to choose healthier foods in their diet now and as they grow. And as if you didn't need yet one more reason, it gets the kids away from the television and the electronic gadgets. Now that's a reason to get excited about! These very important and crucial life skills gained through gardening are perfect for the little ones and a great reason to gather the family together outdoors for some quality time! For gardening and greenhouse supplies, be sure to check out these products to view. There are so many helpful things you can find here, and yes, you can have them shipped to you!

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