14 May 2013

5 Fun Ways To Get Fit Besides Running

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When it comes to getting that summer body, it might seem daunting. You might not be a runner and even if you were, there's no way you would ever be found running in the inevitable summer heat. Instead, you can opt for a more fun way to get fit. In fact, I have five different and fun ways you can get up off the couch and be on your way to getting that bikini-ready bod!

1. Take a bike ride


You might be thinking that bike riding is just for kids. What you don't know is how hard it will work your entire body! Seriously. I took my old bike out for a spin a few weeks ago and those hills that seem so small in your car will literally kill your entire body (in a good way) when you are riding up and down them on a bike. It works everything! From your core to your glutes, you will be beach ready in no time with this fun activity. Plus, the time passes faster than running on a treadmill for half an hour.

2. Rock climbing


Rock climbing is great if you want to work out your upper body. You have to be strong enough to pull your entire weight up and hold it steady while you look for your next move. It's so fun and before you know it, an entire hour has gone by and your arms will be super sore from climbing those rocks! While rock climbing outside is super fun, it's a much safer option to go to an indoor gym. You can have a spotter. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely a beginner so I must have a spotter!

3. Kayaking


This might sound like it doesn't do much, but you'd be surprised! You have to work your arms and your core when you kayak. It's a great activity to do when it's a nice spring or summer day. The great thing about kayaking is lots of lakes offer free kayaking times on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Check out your local lakes to see if there are any free kayaking times. Wear lots of sunscreen, though. The sun reflecting off of the water will burn your face faster than you think.

4. Boxing or kickboxing


These are my favorites! Let's face it, we all have some pent up aggression about something or someone. What better way to take out your anger and frustration than on a big bag. Boxing is my favorite because you actually get to kick and punch bags. Kickboxing is fun too, the only difference is you are just kicking and punching the air. Both are great forms of cardio and will get your heart rate pumping and those calories burning!

5. Yoga


You'd be surprised at how many calories you can burn if you do yoga. It has insane health benefits as well! From your posture to strengthening your core, you will find yoga to be a miracle activity. Plus, if you don't mind getting a little sweaty, hot yoga is always an option. When you are in a 100 degree room, you will become extra flexible and sweat out all the bad toxins in your body. It's a great workout and super fun activity to do to get in shape!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a Houston home security company. She loves to be active and can always be found running around her neighborhood or at least taking the stairs when she's shopping at the mall.

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