21 May 2013

Plant a Tree to Remember

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One of my many fond memories as a child was getting to plant my very own tree. Two trees actually. I had chosen an apple tree because I wanted to grow my very own apples. I wasn't aware at the time that the tree probably wasn't going to produce very good apples in my area, but my dad was just happy I was interested in something. He bought me a young apple tree and I was thrilled to go outside to help plant it in our yard. We also got a tree that looked like a Christmas Tree. I was so excited to watch my trees grow. Planting trees is a great way to get your child interested in nature.

Pick out a tree

You can even get started when your child is in still in the womb. Pick out a tree that you like that will grow well in your area of the country. This tree will be with you for many years to come so choose wisely. Find a good spot for a tree to grow and make sure to consider your landscaping. Trees don't stay small forever! When your child is born, buy the tree together with your partner. Plant the tree in the chosen spot. This is where the fun begins!

Take yearly pictures

Take a picture of your newborn with the tree you just planted. Do this every year on their birthday. You get to see a progression of how the tree grows alongside your child. It is a wonderful way to remember growth and prosperity. Once your child is old enough, you can tell them about how you planted the tree for them when they were a baby. They may or may not be very interested as young child. Every child is different but at least to you, it will mean a lot. Likely when your child is an adult, they will realize the beauty of what you did when they were a baby.

We ended up moving out of the house we planted our trees in a few years after. I still drive by every once and while to see how the trees are doing. They have grown so much and I often reflect on my own growth and change. Even though our house wasn't permanent, I am still grateful that my parents decided to plant a tree just for me. I am sure your child will grow up to think the very same thing.

About the Author: Andrea Booth is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, an industry leader for Houston alarm companies. Andrea enjoys spending time taking photos, painting, and obviously gardening.

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