30 May 2013

Why You Need Specific Training Rather Than Generic Training In Today’s Economy

If you are looking to study at a University, college or online training centre, the likelihood is that you don’t know the exact career path that you want to take. Most people study in a certain subject area, such as business.

Over time, they develop an idea of the particular job roles that they feel would suit them the best. The best thing to do is not waiting until you have finished training to pick a job role. If you do, you will have generic training under your belt which will make it extremely difficult to get a job and here is why.

High Unemployment Levels


The unemployment levels across the globe have been growing considerably; not good news for those that are looking for a job, or training. It is now the employers market. They have a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing an employee. If you look on some online websites that show the amount of applications each job gets, you will see that some are getting 100 or more. Which jobs are these? They are the jobs where there is no specific skill held by the candidate.

Internships are a good example. Although the potential employee will have broad knowledge of business, finance, or even marketing; they don’t have a skill. They did not study a specific area of business, finance or marketing. It is likely that the company is going to choose the individual best suited to the job and they are going to be individuals with experience or education that is specific to the job role.

The Next Step


Do you know why employers like degrees? They show that a potential employee has been pro-active when it comes to learning. It shows that they can commit to something and provide themselves with motivation; application of knowledge. Do you know why some employers don’t like degrees? No part of a degree is going to offer you job experience. If you do some specific training, you can offer your help for free in your sector.

If you can get even a few weeks of relevant works experience, then you are going to a few steps ahead of the competition. If you have a generic degree, it is unlikely that most companies will entertain your offer, even if you are working for free. The great thing is for people that have a specific skill set or knowledge base, these volunteer jobs could quickly turn into paid positions.

The Influx Of Companies Outsourcing


More and more companies are outsourcing. This is a cost effective way of getting a job done. There are two reasons why this means you need a specific training schedule. Firstly, if you become a freelancer, you are going to have the skill set for companies to outsource to you.

Generally, outsourcers charge around £40 per hour or more, so you have a great opportunity to cash in. On the other hand, companies are keeping employment to a minimum. So, if you want a job, you are going to have to show a company that you have a skill set that can not be matched anywhere else.

If you are looking to develop specific skills that other potential candidates will not have, then speak to a company such as Focus Training.

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