06 June 2013

Give Your Immune System a Boost with Emergen-C

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Emergen-C is a tasty way to give your immune system a healthy daily boost to keep you going strong!  With over 20 different varieties of their drink mixes to choose from like Raspberry, Super Orange, and Tropical - you will actually enjoy taking your daily dose of Vitamin C.  You can check out all the different flavor varieties to choose from yourself here. In fact, Emergen-C packs 1,000 mg of Vitamin C into each drink packet, along with 24 nutrients including 7 B vitamins to help boost your energy levels naturally and safely.  Emergen-C also has a line of drink mixes just for kids as well so your whole family can have a strong immune system all year long with their Emergen-C Kidz mixes.  Emergen-C Kidz contains 250 mg of Vitamin C in each packet, as well as B Vitamins and electrolytes to keep your kids healthy and feeling great! 

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I have been using the Raspberry flavor of Emergen-C for the past week myself and I have to admit that it actually tastes pretty good!  Like the picture above states, less water does equal more flavor.  I experimented the first few days with different water amounts and I found that I do prefer mine with four ounces of water to get the maximum flavor.  The packets do say that you can use between 4 and 6 ounces of water.  With four kids that bring home a lot of germs from school, it's important to keep all of our immune systems up around here.  That especially goes for Mom, because if Mom gets sick then the house gets quite chaotic without the captain functioning at full capacity! I'm sure you fellow moms can relate to me on that!  I also like that Emergen-C contains 7 different B Vitamins to help boost energy levels naturally and safely.  I'm a busy mom so a natural boost of energy is great to help me through the day!  I would definitely recommend Emergen-C to others out there interested in getting a daily immunity boost that is tasty and doesn't involve pills. 

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