20 June 2013

Hotels That Seem Too Amazing to be True

Most of the time when you go to a hotel, you’re going to get the same old thing. A traditional looking building, a room – sometimes with a view, sometimes without, and some common areas. However, there are some hotels out there that are just so unique that it’s almost hard to believe they’re real.

Jade Mountain Resort – St. Lucia


At the Jade Mountain Resort, the floors are divided into sanctuaries. These sanctuaries offer living areas, sleeping areas, and infinity pools that all seem to be floating into the landscape. The spa at Jade Mountain offers a variety of offerings, including complimentary yoga classes. In addition, there are a variety of food options, from eating in your sanctuary at any time to eating in one of the amazing restaurants in the resort. In these rooms, you won’t find a television or phone, so be ready to be transported to nature.

Poseidon Undersea Resort – Fiji Islands




Photo Credit: Luxatic

Not only is this resort located in Fiji, it’s located underwater. You can get to the resort, which lies 40 feet underwater, through elevators. The undersea suites offer you a view like you’ve never seen before.  The rooms have Jacuzzi tubs and luxury bed linens, as well as a large-screen TV. You will be able to see the native wildlife, as they go swimming by. Plus, the hotel features items such as a 9-hole golf course, health club, and tennis court. On top of that, you can go deep-sea diving or take an underwater cruise.

Kingsford Homestead – on the North Para River, Australia


This hotel was once a home to Stephen King, who came to Australia in 1839. Currently, there are only seven suites in the hotel, including the Stonemason’s Cottage, which is a separate building. Kingsford Homestead has a long history, and one of the most well-known pieces of it is that it was featured in the television show McLeod’s Daughters. Today, you can rent rooms or you can rent out the entire building. They offer an all-inclusive price, which includes all of your drinks, as well as breakfast and dinner.

Palacio Nazarenas – Peru


Have you ever been interested in staying in a convent? When you stay at the Palacio Nazarenas, that’s exactly what you’re doing. The hotel has 55 suites and easily combines modern luxury with Incan history. You don’t have to worry about altitude sickness, because the hotel pumps in enriched oxygen, which you can choose to have scented in your room. With an in-suite boutique, bar with espresso and tea making options, and 24 hour butler service, you simply can’t go wrong. Consider venturing out to take in some of the Inca culture all around you, as well.

Whether you are considering staying at one of the most amazing hotels in the world or you’re looking for one of the best Wisconsin hotels, the best thing to know is what you want. What makes a hotel isn’t the price. What makes a hotel the most amazing is whether or not it offers what you’re looking for.

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