31 July 2013

Creative Ways to Add Light to Your Bathroom

Creative ways to add light to your bathroom

Those of us blessed to have a bathroom with a window to the outside don't fully appreciate what benefits it brings; it adds light to the room, ventilation, and the window is a design feature in itself, breaking up the room and completing it.

If you have a very small window in your bathroom, or no window at all, chances are it's pretty glum (not to mention steamy). Electricity is expensive and having the main light bulb on 24/7 isn't an option. So what can you do?

Well, there are creative ways to add light to your bathroom, some of which don't cost the Earth. Let's take a look at these today and see what's what.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors

Almost every single bathroom I've ever been in has had a mirror of some sort. The most common place to have a mirror is above the bathroom sink, and the beauty of the mirror is that it reflects any light around the room. You can add light to your bathroom by having an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Now, by illuminate, I don't mean it glows; illuminated bathroom mirrors feature a light at the top with a simple switch. When pulled it works in the same was as a regular light, however, they use a lower voltage benefiting from the mirrors reflective abilities. This will help you save energy and at night time, the lower voltage will be more relaxing too.

Bathroom cabinets with lights

Whether you have a window or not in your bathroom, bathroom cabinets with lights are a must. They ensure that you can see what you are doing and that your pick out the toothpaste instead of the deodorant. Simple bathroom cabinets can be retro-fitted with a light inside or bathroom cabinets can be bought with a light out of the box.

The best bathroom cabinet lights are the ones which automatically come on when the cabinet door is opened. Cheaper options tend to have a pull switch, which isn't ideal for a bathroom with little to no light.

Creative fixtures

A fixture can in itself completely change how the light in a room is perceived. Fixtures on walls are ideal for a small bathroom space, and just like a lampshade spreads light around a room, fixtures are designed to do the same.

There are some wonderful fixtures to be had for your bathroom; any good DIY and home improvement store will sell them, or if you prefer, you can buy hand-made fixtures for that extra exclusivity.

Light tubes

This creative way to get more natural light in to a room has been made famous with thanks to Channel 4's Grand Designs. Light tubes can be up to 6 meters long. The inside of a light tube is made from mirror, and they are placed just above ground covered by a plastic top to protect from the elements. Whenever it is daylight natural light will be reflected in to your home.

This is ideal for a bathroom as it costs nothing, sans the initial installation cost. You will not only save money on your energy bills but it will be quite the talking point too.

Written by an experienced interior design

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