16 July 2013

How to Improve Your Sleep Routine

A good night’s sleep has been linked to a healthier heart and metabolism, along with improved memory, but sometimes those forty winks can feel pretty hard to catch. If counting sheep just isn’t cutting it, here are some top tips for improving your sleep routine.  

Create a restful bedroom environment

Wherever possible, tailor where you’re sleeping to your own specifications, or negotiate with your partner to find a compromise. Try out a range of cushions and pillows, not just to make your room look cosy, but to see which offer the type of support you need. Browse the bedding sets at K&CO and look for different summer and winter duvets, as your body needs to be just the right temperature to get a good night’s rest. Also, consider investing in blackout curtains if lighter evenings or bright street lights are keeping you awake.

 Keep the bedroom just for sleeping

Once you’ve created this cozy bedroom arrangement, it can be tempting for your bed to start serving as everything from an office to a home cinema and dining table, but try to keep it just for snoozing. This creates a stronger association between being in bed and going to sleep, and means your brain will start preparing for slumber as soon as you get between the sheets.  

Exercise during the day but relax during the evening

We all know how necessary physical activity is to a healthy lifestyle, but exercising in the morning or afternoon will also help you fall asleep more quickly and get better quality sleep. However, once it gets to the end of the day, try and find time to relax: read, have a warm bath and avoid drinking too much caffeine. Try to turn off anything with a backlit screen like TVs, computers and mobile phones half an hour before you go to bed, as artificial light can suppress sleep-promoting hormones.  

Have a set routine

One of the most essential elements of a good bedtime routine is to make it just that: a routine. Getting up and going to bed at roughly the same time every day and having a regular set of night time rituals helps program your body clock, so you’ll get to sleep much more easily.

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