13 August 2013

Five Ways to Make Your Tummy Look Smaller in a Bathing Suit

The beach is a lovely place to spend the afternoon. There's nothing more beautiful than the sight of azure waves, smelling the ocean breeze, feeling the sand between your toes and relaxing with family and friends or by yourself. But if you don't feel confident in your bathing suit, a trip to the shore can make you feel tense and as if all eyes are on you and your problem areas.

Many women dread shopping for bathing suits because they don't have rock hard abs and they feel that the material or pattern of their swimwear will only enhance a big belly. Even if you don't have a six-pack, you can still look fabulous in a swimsuit. The following tips can make your tummy look slender and give you a sense of confidence as you head to the beach or the pool this summer.

Start with stripes. A bathing suit with stripes can have a slenderizing effect, but make sure the suit you choose has stripes going in the right direction. Horizontal stripes will make you appear wider across the middle and accentuate your flaws while vertical stripes have a more slimming effect.

Ruching can work wonders. Ruching can be a girl's best friend. Ruching is a stylistic effect in which material is gathered in a way to form ruffles, which can mask a big tummy. For a beautiful bathing suit with tummy control, the Goddess Boyleg One Piece from Canyon Beachwear suits most body types with thicker ties around the neck for added support and a ruched tummy panel to flatter the stomach.

A one-piece can be figure flattering. The right one-piece bathing suit will not only turn heads on the beach, but it can tone down those less-than-perfect areas. Choose a one-piece suit in dark colors to hide your tummy. Geometric designs and patterns can also disguise a big belly.

Play up your best features. Nothing says confidence and sexiness than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. If you have a beautiful pair of legs or nicely toned arms, don't be afraid to show them off. Wearing swimwear that plays up your best assets puts the focus on these body parts rather than on a flabby stomach.

Opt for bathing suits with built-in tummy control. If you're tired of sucking in your gut while you lounge at the pool or mingle at the resort, opt for a bathing suit with tummy control. Many contemporary swimsuits now feature a tummy-control panel that is built into the material. These slenderizing suits hold in your stomach and make your belly appear flatter.

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