30 August 2013

Help End7 Take Action To End 7 Diseases By 2020 #GlobalTeamof200

Photo Credit: GlobalNetwork.org

Imagine being a child trying to concentrate in school but you are unable to because you suffer from a NTD (neglected tropical disease).  NTDs are transmitted by way of worms and insect bites and can cause a variety of horrific complications including loss of eyesight and swollen limbs that become unable to use.  Children and adults alike worldwide are suffering from NTDs daily.  In fact, "one in six in the world, including half a billion children, suffer from neglected tropical diseases" (GlobalNetwork.org).  Contracting one of these NTDs can be as simple as performing a daily task such as swimming or even doing laundry.  

The good news is that by working together we can see a solution to ending NTDs in the future.  The organization End7 has a goal - to end 7 of these diseases by 2020!  The medicine that will control and eventually eliminate these diseases is already on the market and pharmaceutical companies are already helping to pitch in to get these medications in the hands of those that need them most.  Here's where End7 is looking to gain some help.  It costs approximately 50 cents a day to treat and protect one person for one year.  End7 is hoping to get more medication to those in need and for a small donation you can make a huge difference in someone's life.  For more information or to donate to the cause, click here.

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