21 September 2013

A Promise Renewed-A Look At Global Child Survival Rates #GlobalTeamof200

Photo Credit: Unicef.org

In UNICEF's newest released report Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed, the past two decades of under five mortality rates are outlined.  While there have been great improvements in the areas of healthcare, immunizations, and nutrition for example, the report outlines that we still need to reduce the under five mortality rate by two thirds in the next two years to meet the global community goal, which is the Millennium Development Goal 4.  To stay on track to meet this goal it takes a renewed promise on a global level from all of us.  While "the world is currently reducing under-five deaths faster than at any other time during the past two decades" (Unicef.org), the rates of child survival still remain a concern.

Recently Melinda Gates wrote about UNICEF's recent report titled The Most Important Statistic in the World.  Melinda details how statistics have continued to improve for child mortality on a global level and our need to work together to continue to meet future goals.  I love her optimistic and positive outlook and tone.  It is truly inspiring and encouraging!  I encourage you to visit the UNICEF website to see how you can get involved or to donate to help save children worldwide.  

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