12 September 2013

Fun Date Ideas

Are you looking for fun ideas for dates? As one of the many benefits of online dating is the chance to meet a large number of people until you find a date that 'clicks' you may find that you the typical date gets a little boring. So here we have some of the more fun date ideas which will help you make a great impression on your date!

Cocktail Making Classes

For cocktail fans, instead of going to the nearest cocktail bar and straight to the drinking it can be more fun to actually get involved and make the cocktails yourself. Cocktail making sessions are typically run at your local cocktail bar where you will have the opportunity to make one or two cocktails and pick up skills you will need if you ever decide to make cocktails at home! Both of you are guaranteed to have great fun and it is a perfect way of breaking away from the typical dates!

Chocolate Making Classes

Somewhat romantic, why not learn the art of chocolate making? Local chocolatiers tend to offer these classes on of one off basis so keep  a look out online and social media platforms for information about your next event. Making chocolate gives you the chance to exercise your creativity and get to know your date more whilst having fun!

Trip to the Zoo

If you're dating an animal lover and have more than a few hours spare a trip to the zoo can be a great opportunity to explore whilst spending time in each others company, chatting as you visit the different animal enclosures. If you really want to go all out you can always look into the Zookeeper for a day experiences!

Ice Skating

Perfect during the winter, especially in the lead up to Christmas when most outdoor ice rinks are decorated, the perfect atmosphere and the opportunity to completely relax around each other and completely "break the ice" so to speak, as you will be also trying to make sure you don't fall over!

Zombie Battle

If you're dating someone who loves the Walking Dead and other Zombie related shows then a Zombie experience, as found on the likes of Wish and other experience day retailers is probably the perfect date idea and bound to score you an array of brownie points! There is a huge choice of experiences to choose from such as training and battles against zombies and although on the offset they may appear slightly expensive you will probably find they're cheaper and a lot more fun than a night on the town!


Not as glamorous as cocktails and skating but if you're date enjoys the outdoors and other sports this could go down a storm, as an afternoon activity it leads perfectly into an evening of drinks to help soothe the pain of those shots!

When planning a fun date remember to check out for coupons, groupons and what not so you can pick up a bargain. Do you have any fun date ideas you would like to share?

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