20 September 2013

Unusual Recipes with a Surprising Use of Ice Cream

There are some things in life which are reassuringly consistent. The sun keeps on shining, the Earth carries on spinning and ice cream is always served cold and delicious. Hang on though, it seems as though people sometimes do really weird stuff with their ice cream. If you love ice cream here are some really decadent ice cream flavors. 

There are of course many of your typical flavors such as cotton candy, all varieties of fruit, chocolate and vanilla - the list goes on. In Australia there is a flavor called Maui brownie madness which is chocolate, brownie chunks nuts and fudge, this sounds like a massively tasty treat! As well as the typical tasty flavors however there are some absolutely crazy ways that ice cream is used in recipes...

Baked Alaska

This is apparently a pretty common dessert in some parts of the world – Alaska perhaps? – but that doesn’t stop it from being rather unusual, does it? I mean, putting ice cream in the oven? Come on, that is plain weird. This dish is apparently also known as a Norwegian Omelette by some people, so maybe it is more popular in Scandinavia than Alaska. If the idea of baking your ice cream doesn’t sound wild and daring enough for you then how about setting it on fire as well? That’s right, the variation known as Bombe Alaska involves chucking some rum on it and then recklessly setting it alight. This sounds like utter madness but it probably helps liven up the odd long winter night in Alaska or Norway or wherever they eat it.

Mocha Punch with Ice Cream Float

What if you want something with a rather more stylish touch to it than burning mounds of ice cream and rum or ice cream trickling over your soggy lettuce? In this case you could turn it into a delicious chocolate drink for parties and moments of complete self-indulgence. When you look at the ingredients in it then it is easy to see why this is the case. Coffee granules and a chocolate mix are stirred into boiling water and then cooled. After that, you can put it into a punch bowl and add in some scoops of decadent ice cream. Heck, why not throw caution to the wind and squirt some whipped cream on top of this as well?

Champagne Float

Let’s stick with the world of drinks just now and add some frozen pleasure to a fine sparkling glass of champagne. Some people would probably faint in shock at a glass of champagne having ice cream added to it but they shouldn’t worry; there’s cucumber, ginger beer and lemon juice in there as well. It sounds like a pretty fun way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, although you could just forget about the champagne and cucumber and stuff and eat some decadent ice cream on its own.  

Ice Cream Spaghetti and Coconut

In Venezuela there is a type of ice cream made out of spaghetti but in Germany they do things the opposite way and make spaghetti out of ice cream. Yes, the world has officially gone bonkers. The German creation is called spaghettieis and is apparently really popular. It involves passing vanilla ice cream through a machine so that it comes out looking just like a plate of spaghetti. Why? Who knows?  The bizarre dish is then put on top of whipped cream and topped with strawberry sauce and coconut, so that it looks like tomato sauce and grated cheese on top. At least they say that it is coconut. The whole thing is so confusing that I can’t rule out the possibility of it being potatoes or sausages which have been made to look like coconut which looks like grated cheese.

People all over the world have tried really hard to come up with weird recipes involving ice cream. However, the best way to enjoy this frozen treat remains the simplest way; savouring it on its own on a hot day. With no lettuce or burning rum in sight.

Brittany Mcfee is a food enthusiast and child at heart. She likes writing about the latest trends in food and going around town in search of the best ice cream flavors.

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