15 December 2013

A Cheaper Way for a Home Makeover

Giving a new breath of life to your home is surely satisfying. One can look forward to see his or her home alive once again. Constructions and home renovations always produce high satisfaction rates and it also increases homes’ market values.

Home improvement always requires money. Adding features and incorporating new interior designs will warrant spending. However, there are also budget-friendly home makeover ideas to choose from. These may be cheap, but they require a little more effort to implement.

Usually in the case of room renovations, some people discard all of their stuff consigning many reusable things to the skip.  Everything from old kitchen appliances to beds and wardrobes are simply discarded. A budget-friendly tip: there are things in your room that also deserve a makeover. Your out-of-style wooden cabinet can be repainted with white for a more sophisticated look. For the rusty knobs, one can apply either solid black or silver spray paint on it to accentuate the overall look. Old chandeliers could also be made to look new again by painting the steel cuts with gold spray paint. The worn-out lights can be replaced with cheap light bulbs sold in DIY retail stores. On the other hand, you can create new sets of pillows out of the old ones you had.

To enhance details on dull rooms, one can either repaint the walls or add complementing fixtures. Painting the wall seems to fascinate most people. Different wall designs, like stripes or monochromatic color patterns, could make the room spacious and classy. Also, increasing the illumination in gloomy rooms would produce a bright and positive aura. For rooms that are too plain, the addition of portraits and oil canvasses are perfect as these add more life. 

For kitchens, one cheaper renovation is to include shelves on an unclaimed wall. These cabinets can increase the kitchen’s storage as it keeps the dishes and condiments away from the tabletops. For a more satisfying upgrade, one can also invest in installing rollouts on kitchen cabinets. These are able to handle a lot of kitchen tools without exacerbating storage concerns. For bigger cabinets, one can put compartments in order to maximize the cabinets’ storage capacities.

For offices and libraries, one can install book shelves without buying new ones. One only needs to prepare a 2-inch thick wood with flat sides, some screws and nails, a hand drill and other basic hand tools, and of course, spray paint. Before doing it, you are encouraged to create the plan and develop the working design. Assemble the materials one by one. When done, you can paint the shelves in your preferred colors. It is recommended not too stray too far from the wood’s natural color to make it more authentic. One can provide a rack to organize newspapers and magazines. Setting up plants and paintings adds a fresh vibe to the room. 

These cheap home improvement ideas are all easy to follow. Creating a new style for a home does not require you to spend a lot. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can surely make these things work perfectly.

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