14 November 2014

Can You Really Make A Living Drawing Blood?

Drawing Blood

Can You Really Make a Living Drawing Blood?

Absolutely! If you like working by yourself most of the time and using needles, then a job as a phlebotomist might be for you. This is a career that doesn't take a long amount of classwork, and there are various positions available ranging from working in a hospital to working for a doctor's office.

While you are in high school, you should take courses that are related to the career. These would include science, math and any extra health courses that are offered. Some schools offer programs that give you a clinical experience in a hospital before you graduate so that you have a CNA license as well as a diploma.

After high school, you can usually find courses at community colleges that only last a few months instead of a couple years that it would take if you got an associate's degree related to a medical career. There are online courses, but you will have to make arrangements to do some kind of clinical training at a location where you live. This is usually at a lab or hospital. While you are taking the classes for phlebotomy, there are several things that you will learn at a fast pace. You will start by learning the medical terminology as it relates to the position. It's a good idea to make flash cards so that you can keep all of the terms organized. You will also learn how to interact with the patients. One course that you might be required to take is CPR. This is in the event that there are any emergencies while you are drawing blood.

Aside from the basic requirements of the classes needed to be a phlebotomist, you will also learn about the legal aspects of how to collect blood. This would likely be seen if you need to collect for a police officer or another person in law enforcement. You will also learn about safety practices in collecting blood and other fluids. After you have completed the course requirements, you can take the tests that are required for the certification to be a phlebotomist, and if you pass, you can start applying at hospitals and doctor's offices.

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