11 January 2015

50 Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

Get Crafty With Bottle Caps!

Do you have a bottle cap collection and have no idea what to do with it? Are you a crafter looking for new ideas? Maybe you're not much into crafting but will still find this lens inspiring enough to grab some caps and get to work! Here I will list 101 different ways you can craft using bottle caps. You don't have any bottle caps laying around you say? Don't worry...at the end of this lens there is some great links listed where you can purchase some in bulk just for crafting!

50 Bottle Cap Crafts


  1. Make a bottle cap pendent - Example
  2. Decorate a small mirror or picture frame with bottle caps- Example
  3. Make bottle cap fishing lures- Example
  4. Construct some bottle cap coasters- Example
  5. Be fashionable with a bottle cap purse- Example
  6. Make some retro bottle cap barrettes- Example
  7. How about bottle caps as magnets?- Example
  8. Make a bottle cap snake- Example
  9. Turn a bottle cap into a pin- Example
  10. Tis' the season with a bottle cap Christmas tree- Example
  11. Make a bottle cap table- Example
  12. Accessorize with bottle cap rings- Example
  13. Make a fancy bottle cap brooch- Example
  14. How about a vintage bottle cap belt?- Example
  15. Bottle cap messenger bag- Example
  16. Make a lamp shade using bottle caps- Example and Directions
  17. Construct a toy bottle cap rattle- Directions
  18. Bottle Cap Choker- Directions
  19. Deck your tree with some bottle cap ornaments- Example and Directions
  20. Scrapbook with bottle caps- Example and Directions
  21. Bottle cap push pins- Example and Directions
  22. Get musical with bottle cap tambourines- Example and Directions
  23. Bottle cap fruit bowl- Example
  24. Bottle cap hair clip- Example
  25. Bottle cap key chain- Example and Directions

And The List Goes On...


  1. Bottle cap holiday gift tags- Example and Directions
  2. Impress your guests with bottle cap wine glass charms- Example and Directions
  3. Bottle cap crosses- Example and Directions
  4. Bottle cap serving tray- Example and Directions
  5. Frame your bottle caps as art- Example
  6. Bottle cap cycling mirror- Example
  7. Bottle cap curtains- Example
  8. Bottle cap knobs- Examples
  9. Bottle cap snowman ornaments- Example and Directions
  10. Deck out some furniture in bottle caps- Example
  11. Make a bottle cap table runner- Example
  12. Make a holiday bottle cap wreath- Example
  13. Bottle cap guitar strap- Example
  14. Bottle cap lamp pull- Example and Directions
  15. Make some bottle cap charms- Example
  16. Make a ladybug locket- Example and Directions
  17. Thanksgiving turkey bottle cap necklace- Example and Directions
  18. Construct a bottle cap vase- Example
  19. Bottle cap decorated basket- Example
  20. Bottle cap scarf- Example
  21. Bottle cap candle holders- Example
  22. Make a bottle cap headband- Example and Directions
  23. Bottle cap pin cushion ring- Example
  24. For the more extreme there's the bottle cap decorated car- Example
  25. Bottle cap flowers- Example

Do you like to craft with bottle caps?  Comment below!

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