29 April 2015

5 Legitimate Work From Home Writing Resources

Finding legitimate companies to work from home for can be not only tedious, but tricky at times.  It can be hard to know what jobs are indeed legitimate and which ones are not.  I like to go by the rule that you should never have to pay when applying for a job of any sort online!  Also, don't hesitate to do some research on companies before applying with them.  Does a search of their company yield warning signs such as multiple negative reviews?  One more thing I like to go by when searching out work from home jobs is to look at the pay rate realistically.  Some offers may not be enough for the work you are going to be putting in.  Know your value and don't settle for less.  If you want to make a decent amount working from home the right opportunity will come along with patience and how you market your skills.

Writing Resources

HubPages- HubPages is an online community where users create articles called "hubs" on any topic of their choice.  While essentially you are not paid per article as with other writing websites, your articles accumulate earnings every month ongoing based on the amount of traffic they generate through Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, and Ebay's affiliate program.  The more popular your "hubs" are the more potential you have to earn!  If you love to write and have the patience to build up your articles over the first few months to see a good return then HubPages could be a good fit for you!

ProBlogger Job Board- I thought I would mention the ProBlogger Job Board here because it is not just a resource for bloggers.  This is a great resource where writers, editors, and copywriters can find work for free on their job board where they post regularly.  If you happen to be a blogger and are looking for some extra blogging work they have that too!

Constant Content- With Constant Content you have the freedom to either write and market your own articles on topics of your choice, or tailor articles around client requests.  While I have not personally used this site I did some research and found that there is some good earning potential if you submit quality articles because they are checked over by a human editor meticulously for errors.  Looks like they are worth checking out though!

Upwork (formerly Odesk) & Elance - I decided to put these two together because they are both essentially similar platforms to find and bid/apply for jobs.  There is a potential here to make decent money writing, but as I stated in the beginning of this post you need to be careful not to sell yourself short and market based on your skills as a writer. 

Strong Whispers- This site accepts guest posts from established writers and they pay decent as well ($50 per article that they publish).  They accept posts on a variety of topics including travel, entertainment, nature, online income, culture, politics, and more!

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