06 May 2015

Things You Should Know Before Starting a Mom Blog

Starting your own mom blog can be a very rewarding outlet to share your journey as a mom and also a way to earn an extra or even full time income for many moms out there.  Before you get started on your new blog there are some things you should consider that will help make the process both easier on you and will help you gain more insight into the world of mom blogging moving forward.

The first thing you need to consider is what your blog's name is going to be and how that is going to play into how you want the design of your blog to look.  Keep in mind that you want the web design of your blog to be reader friendly and not too loud design wise or busy with ads and pop ups if you are planning on monetizing your blog. There are many free pre-made templates for blogs out there, as well as how-tomom blog design tutorials that can help you along the way.  If you would rather invest some money there are web design professionals out there who will take care of the design and installation for you.

Set yourself up with some social media outlets of your choice for your blog such as a Twitter, a Facebook fan page, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ to start.  You may prefer all or only some of these.  It is completely up to you.  One thing to remember is to not stress out over numbers when you first start blogging.  I like to say that if you be authentic with your writing and be engaging with your audience, the followers will come naturally.

Networking is going to be important, not only when you first start your mom blog, but as you continue to blog over time.  Joining some mom blog groups such as Mom Bloggers Club and Social Moms are great places to meet other moms and network.  You will also find there are a variety of different Facebook groups just for mom bloggers you can join to network with.  These groups usually help each other out by sharing posts and visiting each others blogs to read and leave comments.

Last but not least keep your blog updated regularly.  This is one I have struggled with in the past when I was in college trying to manage school, kids, and the house while figuring out how to fit in time to post.  One piece of advice I recently came across that I found helpful was to plan your posts out for the week ahead of time.  This helps to ensure you will stay on track updating regularly while keeping last minute writer's block at bay.  I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any other advice for a mom blogger just starting out feel free to leave a comment below!      

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