17 June 2015

How to Encourage Your Child Into Theater

An actor who is not properly trained is not an actor. Most people have taken acting as a part time hobby which should not be taken that seriously. The situation becomes exactly opposite when the child speaks of participating in school sports. When our child becomes serious in acting take practice seriously and treat it as a profession like music, dancing or athletics. They always talk of a practice making perfect and without that acting practice, your child may not stay competitive.

If you become serious enough in ensuring your child does not miss practice sessions as you would do if they were into sports, you may live to appreciate whoever thought of acting. Never be afraid to invest money to this field. Do your research well and you will find a great acting class among the thousands you find in the market. Make sure you choose a class that is challenging and that never bores your child easily. You never know your child might go on to do a musical theater university course and even act on Broadway. 

Each audition is a success

When you watch your favorite movie, do not ever think that they got that role preserved for them unless in special cases. Most actors had to pass through the audition in order to pick out the best actor for a particular role. Most popular actors take for example Denzel Washington failed to make it in many auditions but became persistent and made it big. Always encourage your child to always be hopeful and never lose hope when they do not manage to get a role during auditions.

Auditions may involve hundreds or even thousands of people auditioning. It can even take 50 or 100 auditions to book a job. Each audition gives the child an opportunity to have an experience with new casting directors and producers. To raise their chances of booking a job an actor should train, take direction, and have confidence in their craft.

Positive support is essential

Behind every successful child actor is a supportive parent. Make sure that as a parent you appreciate the courage it takes for your child to act. Can you imagine the effort it takes to stand in front of strangers and make an impact on them by expressing all our feelings? Even if you have any stress, just try to keep yourself calm and make sure your child does not notice it.

It may disturb him or her that they are the one causing all this and may end up losing focus. Make sure they are doing their acting in a friendly and positive environment at home. Parents should be both supportive and the family should be positive. Any negative competition among parents may not be good for your child.

Let it go
The past is history. Once an audition is over, try to move on with other issues at hand. It is not good for you to talk about the experience over and over again. This should only happen if your actor wants to discuss it. Avoid being anxious and stop calling the agent asking them if they have any information on the auditions. They will first inform you if there is any decision made. This will ensure a long-term success for your child and ensure they get the most from their efforts.

Trust your child.

Once your child is skilled in acting, they will know every aspect of what they should do, what they should wear and how to follow their script during auditions. Let them do their own stuff and do not try coaching him or her. The casting director will smell it from afar. It takes some time to be a great actor. My teacher told me that it may even take 10 years. It may look easy when you are watching that movie or drama but it is not.  Once your child chooses acting stick with it, and watch your child's talent blossom over time into something truly amazing!

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