29 July 2015

6 Tips for Choosing a Cosmetology Program

The value of a cosmetology education is on the rise. But what if you aren't sure which program is right for you? How can you be sure you're learning the right skills at the right academies for the right prices? Here are just a few tips for finding great cosmetology schools.

1. Choose a Focus

If your goal is to become a celebrity makeup artist, you don't want to waste your time with a program that emphasizes hair cutting. If you want to further your manicurist skills, don't bother with esthetician classes. Know what you want to study before you start looking at schools.

2. Have a Budget

Some programs are more expensive than others. Keep in mind, however, that the cheapest option isn't always the best. For example, it may be worth a little extra tuition if you'll be guaranteed a work placement at the end of your studies. You may not mind paying more for a famous instructor instead of a no-name one.

3. Get Recommendations

Where did your favorite stylist go to school? They'll probably be more than happy to share that information with an interested party. You can also use the power of the Internet to look up rankings, reviews and testimonials about cosmetology schools around the world.

4. Know Your Options

Many cosmetology schools offer flexible scheduling or online classes for the busy student. While some courses have to be completed in person for the real-world experience, you can often knock out all of the text-based learning from the comfort of your own home.

5. Check Their Accreditation

Are they certified by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS)? Are they licensed by the state as a school or business? Make sure you aren't giving your money to a program that isn't legally recognized within the industry.

6. Schedule a Tour

At the end of the day, you can't judge the worth of a school without physically going to campus and seeing how they operate. Are the teachers friendly and welcoming? Do the students look happy, engaged and motivated? Is all the styling equipment up-to-date?

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you search for the right cosmetology school. As you can see, there are many factors involved in a well-informed decision, so don't be afraid to take your time and do it right.

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