29 July 2015

Making Time for You During Motherhood

Becoming a mother, whether it is for the first time or fifth, is an exciting – but undeniably tiring period. Finding time for you can feel impossible – but there are a great range of things you could be doing to wind down after a long day or to help your days run more smoothly. 

Hire a Chef 
While it might seem like a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, there are a great range of cheaper services which can provide a chef in your home as a one off occasion or for a couple of days a week, to give you one less thing to think of. 

Have a Date Night 
While getting dressed up and leaving your newborn with a babysitter for the evening might be the last thing on your mind, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic meal with a loved one. Even if your baby won’t sleep for more than two hours – you can still make the most of the baby free time and share a candle lit dinner (or take away) without leaving the home. 

Another great idea is to head out to a family friendly café or pub, once you have fed your baby and she has fallen asleep. It means you will have at the very least, an hour together to enjoy your meal while baby sleeps soundly next to you. 

Take a Bath 
Baths might seem like not much of an indulgence – however once you’re juggling diapers, bottles and onesies you’ll soon miss the “every day” indulgence. Pop down to your local beauty supplies shop and choose a selection of bath bombs, salts and oils to take home. Then choose a selection of candles and incense sticks with relaxing and aromatherapeutic properties to help you to wind down. 

Start running the bath while you give your baby her last feed before going down, then once she is sleeping put on your favourite music, grab your favorite book (and a glass of wine if you’re not breast feeding!) and take an hour or two to yourself – there is no better therapy. 

Take a Night Off

Leaving your baby with anyone when they are small can feel impossible – however it is healthy for both you and Dad to take some time off every now and then. While weekly nights out might not seem possible – taking it in turns, once or twice a month, to spend a little time away from the house and to focus on you is sometimes all you need. 

Movie Night 
Sometimes the best way to relax is to simply cuddle up on the sofa with your partner once baby is sleeping. Enjoy some treats such as popcorn, chips and sweets and put the film on as soon as baby goes down – so you have a good chance of finishing before she wakes to feed. 

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored guest post.

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