04 September 2015

Minor Changes That Make a Big Difference to Your Teeth

One of the essential parts of the body are our teeth. Teeth aren’t just solely useful for its ability to chew things, they’re also valuable for its capacity to maintain overall oral health. One of the ways to consistently maintain good oral hygiene is to treat your teeth kindly. Strong and healthy teeth prevent the breeding of germs, contributes to your overall well-being and gives you a bright smile.
However, there are certain habits that can negatively affect the healthiness of your teeth. These bad dental habits, if not properly checked, can lead to the deterioration and lose of some, if not all of your teeth. Want to prevent that? Then you should start making the following changes.

Brush Appropriately

Your teeth like any part of your body requiring daily cleaning and attention. Ideally, you’re expected to brush at least three times a day. This is effective for whitening of teeth and good oral hygiene. You should endeavor to brush 30-60 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Research has shown that after every meal, your teeth is invaded by acid that helps to break down food particles. This is why you shouldn’t brush immediately after meals. Instead, wait for your teeth to re-mineralize before brushing.
If you’re unable to brush thrice a day because of work or other commitments, ensure that you brush twice at the very minimum. Also, be careful about excessively brush your teeth so as to protect the destroying of your enamel.

Quit Smoking 

Perhaps smoking is a habit you just can’t do without. Well, you should know that apart from the risk of lung disease and debilitating health problems attached to smoking, it wreaks havoc on your teeth.
It will interest you to know that a good number of mouth, lips and tongue diseases like oropharyngeal cancer are caused by smoking. More, smoking is often directly linked to dark tooth stains and missing teeth in most chronic addicts. You will experience great changes and increased dental health if you’re able to quit smoking or at least switch to an electronic cigarette.

Reduce Your Sugar In-Take 

A moderate amount of sugar intake is good for the body; natural sugar from fruits and honey especially. Nevertheless, excessive indulgence in sugar-coated substances like candy, ice-cream, fruit juice, chocolate and soda aren’t healthy for your teeth.
The chewing and consumption of these substances flood your teeth with digestive juices which can cause tooth decay and many other dental diseases. Your best bet is drink lots of water instead.

Avoid Using Your Teeth as Tools

Often times, we mindlessly use our teeth as tools. Whether it’s chewing our nails, uncorking a bottle of soft drink, or tearing open a bag of sweets, all these bad habits are not good for your teeth. Doing this can weaken your tooth or even chip your tooth. Avoid using your teeth as tools!

Excessive bleaching of teeth.

Yes, we all love those pearly whites. There’s something really attractive and appealing about the smile of someone with sparkling white teeth. However, as with everything else, moderation is key. Bleaching your teeth excessively can result in tooth sensitivity as well as translucency. If you’ve seen folks whose teeth look a bit like clouded rocks, this is why.

This is why you need to consult with your dentist about using over the counter teeth whitening kits. They are in the best position to direct you on its use. This is what we do at Premier Smile Center. As dental professionals, we’re committed to ensure that your pearly whites look lovely and that your oral health is in great condition. You can check us out on drjohnsondds.com to book an appointment or get in touch with us.

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