13 October 2015

My Guide to Preparing for Halloween!

If you’re anything like me, you’re already excited for Halloween. I like to prepare for it well in advance to make sure I have everything prepared - I like to send out Halloween greeting cards and know my kids are having a great time! That’s what it’s all about right? Plus, I do have fun trick or treating with them and dressing up. Here’s my guide to preparing for Halloween - enjoy!

Get Your Pumpkins

You can’t have Halloween without the pumpkins. It’s the law! I love pumpkin carving with the kids, though it can get messy. I make sure I get stencils and things to help us make a great looking pumpkin, but I do need to supervise them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. I always make pumpkin soup and toasted seeds with the inside too - waste not want not!

Prepare Your Costumes

The sooner in advance you prepare your costumes, the sooner you can ensure there are no malfunctions and everything goes to plan. You can make them yourself or buy them from a store, whichever you prefer. I like making them myself sometimes as you can afford to be more creative. You can make something no matter your budget or time frame. Let your kids join in and they’ll love it!

Notify Your Relatives

Going trick or treating is a lot of fun, but these days some people don’t answer the door. It can be upsetting for kids who have spent a lot of time getting ready! Notify your relatives and friends so they know that you’ll be coming over and when to expect you. This way they still get Halloween treats and the enjoyment of scaring someone! 

Stock Up on Treats (or tricks)

People will no doubt come to your house too, so stock up on the sweet stuff. You could even stock up on a few ‘tricks’ - if they do say trick or treat after all! There are lots of offers around these days, so take a look and find something that suits your budget. I like ordering mine from an online candy store as it’s much easier.


Why not decorate your home to get in the Halloween spirit? There are so many things you can do, not just pumpkins. You can decorate both the inside and the outside depending on how much time and money you have. This is especially fun if you have young kids!

Get the Classic Films Ready

If nothing else, you must watch the classic films around Halloween! It’s probably not a good idea to watch films like Scream with your kids, but films like Hocus Pocus are a must. You can even get away with the Nightmare Before Christmas! Your kids will love settling down with their Halloween treats and enjoying these films with you.

When you have kids, you should definitely make the most of Halloween. It only comes around once a year, after all. Make an effort with their costumes, make sure they have a great time and they’ll be content until Christmas. Leave any tips of your own below. See you soon! 

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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