23 January 2016

Cowhide Rugs - A Timeless Classic For Your Home

Though you might think that cowhide rugs only work as a decorating accessory for western-themed rooms, these naturally-created beauties are ideal for a variety of decorating needs. Due to their versatility and beauty, cowhides are becoming a common decorating accent. Many decorating trends come and go, but cowhide rugs have been a key part of many interior design schemes for decades. The beautiful patterns and warm texture of a cow rug are suitable for many different areas within the home.

One of the biggest reasons that cowhide rugs have become so popular within the interior design community is that they are incredibly durable and easy to clean. In natural circumstances, a cow hide protects a cow from water, dirt, and other natural elements. This means that a cow hide is stain resistant and does not trap dust, and it is therefore extremely hypoallergenic. In order to keep your rug in top condition, all you should have to do is shake it out every week or two. If any dirt or other stains appear on the rug, a slight amount of warm water and soap will quickly remove it.

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure that your cowhide rug remains in good condition for years to come. Never machine wash or dry clean the rug, since this can damage some of its durability. Direct sunlight may cause some fading, so it is best to position cowhide rugs away from large, sunny windows. You can vacuum a cow hide rug to remove any small particles of dirt, but a vacuum brush could snag the hide. Instead, a wand attachment is a better choice. With the right upkeep, a cowhide rug can last for years and become a treasured family heirloom.

Cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors, so it is easy to find one that suits your design scheme. A warm reddish brown rug looks cozy and masculine with dark green and brown hues, while a delicate cream and tan speckled cowhide is perfectly suited to an elegant room of soft pastels. Even a sleekly modern room can benefit from the abstract patterns of a black and white Holstein cow hide rug. Cowhide rugs can be solid colors that ground a room, or they can be vibrant patterns which become a key focal point.

Cowhide rugs come in many different sizes and prices, so anyone can get the perfect rug for any room of the house. Since they are so affordable, even a person on a budget can easily find a cowhide rug within their price point. A smaller rug looks chic in an entryway or home office, and some cowhide rugs are even large enough to function as an area rug within a living room. Medium sized rugs are particularly versatile, and they can go anywhere from a bedroom to a game room.

In addition to being used as a rug, there are many other ways that you can show off your gorgeous cow hide. A medium sized hide can double as a throw blanket draped across a couch. If a cowhide as a particularly beautiful pattern, it can even be hung on a wall to create a focal piece of artwork within a room. Due to their versatility and durability, a cowhide rug can be moved throughout the house to fit your decorating needs.

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