16 January 2016

Five Tips for Planning Your Family Vacation

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It's the start of a new year and for many it is already a time to start getting a jump on planning out spring and summer vacations.  While it can seem like a daunting task, planning your family vacation can be easier than you think if you take some simple steps to plan efficiently.  The following are some of the ways I like to make sure our family has a great vacation without all the chaos! 

Pick Your Destination

First you will need to get the obvious out of the way which is where your family will be heading to for vacation.  Will it be within the country or abroad?  Take a look at your budget and then select some options that fit within your price range.  From there you can start researching destinations further to select what may be a good fit for your family vacation.  

Select Where You Are Going To Stay

Once you have your destination mapped out you then need to figure out where your family is going to stay.  This could be several different options such as a family resort, a hotel, or even with family members depending on your reason for travel.  This step of the process will also require some research as you will want to find somewhere that not only fits your budget, but also somewhere that is going to have room for your family and that has the commodities you are looking for.

Plan Out Your Activities

Before you head off on on your family vacation it is a good idea to plan out your activities ahead of time to have an itinerary of what you want to accomplish as far as what to see and do while you are at your destination.  Once again, research your destination and what the area has to offer for families.  Do they have any local family activities or attractions to visit such as museums, theme parks, beaches, or other recommended must see stops to make.  A good idea is to also call the town visitor's center or check their website for more information.

Pack Accordingly

This step can seem like a no brainer but many times families go on vacation only to realize they forgot many items they intended to bring along.  What I like to do is make a list ahead of time of "must pack" items and when it comes time to pack I check them off as they get packed.  It is also a good idea to check the weather right before you head off to your destination so you are prepared to dress appropriately. 

Plan For Smooth Traveling

Traveling can be exhausting, whether it be by car, plane, or other means.  Certain items can help make traveling go smoothly for everyone involved.  Some examples are neck pillows, electronic devices for music, movies, and gaming.  I especially recommend having plenty of snacks and drinks on hand for staying full and hydrated along the way.  Last but not least, be sure to relax and have fun!  While it can be easy to get caught up in all the planning and rushing that goes along with getting out the door and on the road, remember to enjoy these moments with your loved ones!

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