01 February 2016

Create An Awesome Office Party On Budget

If you are a small company even a few thousand spent on the office party can hurt your monthly budget. Don’t be like Yahoo who despite the fact that they are nearly out of business spent $7 million on their Christmas party in 2015. However, you should be able to throw a party once in awhile to keep your employees happy. There are plenty of ways to organize a decent office party on a budget. 

Pre-party Preparation


You can turn pre-party preparation easily in a team-building experience. The day before the party leave couple of hours at the end of the day for your colleagues and you to clean you the space for the party the next day. Nothing can be more motivating than they seeing you working side by side with them.



If you are throwing a Christmas party you definitely need decorations. While other types of office parties can go on without, this one can’t. As long as Christmas decorations is regarded keep in mind that less is more. There is absolutely no need to cover everything in garlands, lights and figurines. Invest in more expensive and decorous napkins and plastic cups. Instead of using plastic bowls to serve nuts buy porcelain ones. Such attention to detail will make the difference and lasting positive impression. 



Even if you spend time and money on food, decoration and drinks the lack of music can ruin the party. First, let me be clear that desk or laptop speakers can kill the mood. What you need is good, clean sound from a good sound system. Of course you don’t have to rent a concert sound system, but something decent to play great music on so your employees can have fun. Prepare a compilation beforehand or ask someone to do so.

Food and Drinks


Unless you try to really, really impress important clients you don’t have to spend on lavish dishes and extravagant liqueurs. However, you can’t go without some very basic things such as nuts, beer and crackers. You might as well include light salads, cheese and cocktail bits on the menu. As long as alcohol is regarded offer a choice of drinks but up to 3 different types - beer, wine and something stronger. But don’t buy the cheapest in the supermarket!

After Party Clean Up


Let’s not forget that you are a small business owner who doesn’t have deep pockets. So, you probably won’t be able to allocate funds for a London office cleaning service. Do you have a plan? If you don’t here is my idea. Don’t ask the team to clean up right after the party is over or you have decided to go to a bar. Do it instead on the next day, well in the afternoon. Collect plastic cups, empty bottles, and food leftovers. Bag and trash everything. In case of accidents I would recommend you to hire a professional cleaner. You don’t want to only exacerbate the problem! 

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