30 March 2016

3 Reasons Why Prenatal Yoga Will Make You Love Pregnancy

Believe me, I understand how hard being pregnant can be. From the nausea to the inability to sleep, the discomfort and the anxiety, not forgetting that your body is also in a constant state of incredible change, pregnancy can be a bumpy nine-month journey. During my first pregnancy, I remember wishing it was over before I was even half way through. Not only did I find all of the physical changes challenging to cope with, I also struggled with feeling alone and isolated. Even though I had friends and family around me, I didn’t feel like I was connecting with any of them on the level I was needing.

I relied heavily on my yoga practice to help me through these ups and downs, and it did help, but not as much as I thought it would. What really took my first pregnancy from feeling like I was just surviving to truly enjoying each day was beginning my prenatal yoga practice

Prenatal yoga isn’t “traditional” yoga. It is designed to specifically help women manage the constant mental and physical demands of pregnancy while providing a supportive community that they can rely on. Prenatal yoga is safe at all trimesters and can be done whether you are an experienced yoga student or are someone who has never stepped foot onto a yoga mat.

Here are 3 reasons why you will love prenatal yoga:

It Relieves Discomfort: The movements and stretches practiced in prenatal yoga help you to manage the physical pains and discomforts associated with pregnancy. From back pain to hip pain, headaches to nausea, prenatal yoga can (and will) help with all of it. The practice will strengthen your muscles and body as well, which will help you to maintain better posture even as your baby grows. Good posture equals less pain. And let’s not forget all of the mental discomforts that can come with being pregnant! The relaxation and breathing techniques taught in prenatal yoga do wonders for anxiety and stress.

It Connects You To Your Baby: Taking time out of our crazy schedules to practice prenatal yoga is so important because it gives you time to really slow down and connect with your baby on a whole new level. Every time you step on your mat to practice when you are pregnant is a reminder that you are not alone, that everything you are going through (the ups and downs) are for something (actually, someone!) that is absolutely incredible. Reminding yourself of this is one of the best ways to truly love your pregnancy.

It Provides You With Community: Whether you practice prenatal yoga at a local studio, online, or on your own, you are reminded that you are part of an exclusive “mom club”. By remembering this you are able to tap into the strength, energy, and intuition of moms around the globe (both past and present).

If you are interested in learning more about prenatal yoga or trying a free class now, visit http://yoginiology.com/prenatalyoga

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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