02 May 2016

5 Diet Changes You Should Make When You Are Trying to Conceive

Healthy diet and right nutrition play a vital role in boosting one’s fertility. On the flip side, unhealthy diet deteriorates your chances of getting pregnant by affecting the normal functioning of your reproductive system. Fertility, weight and metabolism are very closely related to each other. Thus, it's important to make a few changes in your diet when you are trying to conceive.

Here are the 5 dietary changes you must consider to boost your fertility:

Switch the Sugary Drinks With Water

Sugary drinks not only give you empty calories, but also drive up your insulin levels while increasing your blood sugar. By initiating the glucose and insulin response, they slow down the metabolism and result in weight gain. On the flip side, naturally sweet drinks like fresh fruit juices or water are the best ways to keep yourself hydrated and enhance your health. So, if you have been consuming the sugary sodas or packed juices, try to avoid or limit your consumption. 
Switch Three Meals a Day for Six Meals

In order to accelerate your metabolism, it's important that you not just eat right, but eat at regular intervals as well. Instead of taking up just three meals a day, try to divide it into six meals and include one or two servings of fruits and salads in these meals. Raw and natural food are easy to digest for the body and your body is not required to overwork as it is in the case of refined foods.
Switch Bad Fats for Good Fats

Yes. Fats can be good too, but only when they are taken from the right sources. Unsaturated fats derived from nuts like almonds and walnuts, avocados, olives are healthy fats and are needed by the body. Also, polyunsaturated fats found in walnuts, flaxseed, salmon, etc. are even healthier and give your body the much required Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Switch Refined Foods for Healthy Carbs

Refined or processed foods are very difficult for your body to digest and thus, they slow down your metabolism while enhancing the fat deposits in the body. On the other hand, healthy carbohydrates not only give you the energy to perform day to day tasks, but also ensure that your metabolism stays accelerated and optimum. Thus, try to include healthy carbs in your diet but do not consume them after 7 pm in the evening.
Drink More Water

Water is one of the healthiest drinks, which ensures that you stay hydrated while giving a significant boost to your metabolism levels. Drink a lot of water regularly to stay healthy and flush out toxins from your body.

While, to some extent infertility can be overcome by making some lifestyle and diet changes, because you may not be infertile but might not be able to conceive due to your lifestyle and diet. However, en after changing your lifestyle and eating a healthy diet, you are not able to conceive, you must consider consulting an infertility expert. Dr Kwang Yul Cha is a trusted name when it comes to resolving infertility issues.

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