21 November 2016

Activity Based Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

The holidays are quickly approaching and you may be wondering what gifts to get this year for the child in your life.  Activity based gifts are great for children because they help to stimulate the mind, as well as working to help promote active play.  Activity based gifts can include a wide variety of ideas such as arts and crafts, sports, and even board games.  Here are some ideas to get you started on selecting the perfect gift!


Arts and Crafts


Here's a gift idea that sparks creativity and will keep a child entertained!  Arts and crafts fuel an outlet for imagination and fun.  Gifts can include paints, clay, coloring books and crayons, model kits, or sketching materials to name a few.  Your local craft store is a wonderful resource for age appropriate arts and crafts supplies.  Most stores even have a dedicated section for craft kits kids will enjoy.



Sports help learn important lessons such as healthy competition and teamwork. For those children who enjoy sports there are several gifts that can accommodate this passion. You can always consider a new piece of sporting equipment such as a new basketball or you can find the best baseball bats here.

Another idea is a backyard sport set such as badminton, volleyball, or soccer. Other ideas that can be used indoors include a fuse ball or air hockey table. Here is my pick for best air hockey table."  Here is my pick for best air hockey table.

Board Games 


With electronics playing a large role in many children's lives, board games don't seem to get the attention that they used to, or deserve for that matter!  Board games also instill a form of healthy competition and can be used as a learning tool no matter what age.  For the younger ones look for games that focus on counting, spelling, or matching.  For older kids you can find games that help with money skills, the use of strategy, vocabulary skills, and math.

As you can see there are a variety of excellent activity based gifts for kids out there.  These gifts will provide hours of entertainment that promotes both an active and creative lifestyle.  For more gift ideas consider visiting the following page here.


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