18 January 2017

Consider This Checklist When You Order Flowers Online

Congratulations! You have finally found an online delivery service and you are beyond ready to surprise your significant other. The excitement is beyond palpable, you have even rushed through filling out the information needed for the delivery.

However, there is one problem. You expected the flowers to be delivered in Canberra, but you have apparently ordered from a Sydney florist, so making arrangements to transfer your order to their Canberra branch caused difficulties. In addition, you have also made a distinct flaw when you sent the recipient’s address. Well, problems occur and are inevitable.

It is a good thing online florists keep mental tabs on what can go wrong with online flower deliveries, which is why some have taken the time to put up instructions on the order page. But as in any kind of delivery, you can still expect a few minor complications. To avoid having to commit them, even more so major ones, here is a list of things you need to look out for when you are ordering flowers online.

Double check the address you have typed in
Even in written form, we do commit errors in just about anything, especially in something as simple as writing down an address. It is understandable, though, since addresses are usually taken as common knowledge and double checking it seems ridiculous. But misplacing a number or forgetting a street does happen so it would be wise to read through the address again to avoid any delivery delays.

Inquire about how you can track the delivery
So you would not have to call the florist every now and then, ask about a reference number or a tracking code you can use to monitor the delivery. If this is not available, ask the florist to contact you before and after they make the drop-off. This is one way to ensure that the delivery has been made on time.

Make sure the florist you have chosen within the vicinity of the recipient
Often times, when we make searches on the web, there is certain information we usually do not check because, at the moment, it was not important. However, when you want something delivered to a place you do not currently reside in, for instance, you might want to double down on the address of the physical store that will cater to your needs.

Consider adding information about the recipient’s address
To help the delivery guy, add in additional details about the recipient’s place. Are there markers near the house, a landmark they can spot that tells them they are near? This is most helpful if the recipient’s house quite hidden from view.

Well, there you have it! A simple checklist to help you the next time you order an ocean of flowers for your loved ones, delivered right to their doorstep.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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