03 March 2017

Easy DIY Princess Party Ideas for Your Princess

Coming up with the perfect princess party ideas for your little princess might seem like a daunting task at first. Luckily, there are plenty of easy DIY party ideas that make it possible for you to throw the perfect party, no matter what your budget may be. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.


Depending on your little one’s particular interests, there are a few different directions you can take with invitations. You could put them in your child’s favorite color – pink is a popular color for princesses – or you can use princess designs. Create or print invitations with crowns and wands on them, a throne, or your child’s favorite princess character. You can even find free printable invitations online if you don’t want to purchase any from a store.

Clothing and Accessories

It’s exciting to dress your child up in a princess dress and accessories such as crowns, necklaces, wands, and more. You can invite the guests to come dressed in their favorite princess attire or provide something for them. You could provide crowns and wands for each guest and incorporate them into the place settings or the games and activities.


Get creative with your food by offering treats decorated in the same color as the party’s theme. For example, make candied pink popcorn and have it ready for snacking on throughout the party. You can also use a crown-shaped cookie cutter to create crown-shaped sandwiches. Use fruit cut into various shapes and put them on skewers to create edible wands. Use pink lemonade (or other colored drink) to also tie into the party theme.

For the cake, you could go all out with fondant and create a layered look with a crown or princess figures on top. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple homemade cake carefully frosted and with the addition of inexpensive figurines on the top.

Games and Activities

There are a wealth of princess party games to choose from. You could play musical thrones, which is a variant of musical chairs. Pin the crown on the princess by following the same rules as pin the tail on the donkey. Make a treasure hunt for your child and guests by hiding crowns, wands, and jewelry (they could be for the guests) around the house and enlisting the party guests’ help in finding them. You could do the same thing with a “glass slipper” and find Cinderella’s missing footwear.

Another idea to take up some time and provide each party guest with his or her own crown is to set up a crown-making station. Get paper or foam supplies and plenty of stickers and accents, and let the kids create their very own crowns to keep.

Party Favors

If you feel inclined to create some favors for your guests to take home, you can fill a little goodie bag with treats themed in the color of the party. If it’s pink, you could provide pink popcorn, jelly beans or any number of other pink candies. If you want to get fancy, get your hands on some old baby food jars, clean them out, decorate the lids, and fill them with party favors.

Creating a party to remember for a lifetime might be easier than you think. Use these ideas to help you get started on creating the perfect princess party for your little one.

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