28 July 2017

4 Ideas For Helping Your Daughter Buy A Homecoming Dress

Homecoming dances have probably changed a great deal since you attended yours. Everything from the types of dresses to the type of music played is different. While you’re not going to spot many Laura Ashley-type dresses this decade, you can still help guide your daughter to ensure she doesn’t arrive at her big night with some sort of overly short dress!

Helping Your Daughter Find a Dress for Homecoming

With homecoming feeling like it is always just around the corner, high schools girls are full of excitement, but it can be a stressful time when it comes to looking at and finding the perfect dress.

As a parent, chances are you feel like you are in a tough spot having to adhere to your daughter’s school dress code, but also your own morals, while still wanting to make sure she is happy with the dress she gets. Below, we help you accomplish the perfect balance.

1.    What Is Allowed for Homecoming?

Start by checking out the school’s dress code for homecoming before you check out the latest collection of dresses. Some schools tend to be a little less strict than others and just require the homecoming dresses to be longer or at least mid-thigh or that there is no cleavage hanging out. But, other schools are much stricter and will forbid gowns that have bare backs or even plunging necklines, so ensure you know what is and is not allowed.

2.    What’s In Fashion This Year?

Next, spend some time looking through websites and dress magazines to see what is en vogue this year and which styles your daughter really likes. She may prefer an embellished, shorter dress, but could she pull off wearing it to her special event? Maybe your daughter is more traditional in nature and would prefer a long ball gown complete with flattering empire waist and sweetheart neckline.

See what PromDressShop.com has on offer for homecoming dress styles to get a good idea of what she really likes and what will suit her.

3.    What Will Flatter Her?

The next step is to find a few dresses that truly flatter her body shape. If she is lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, she can wear just about any type of style. If she is shorter or really just prefers fun styles, check out shorter homecoming dresses, if her school allows them. You can also try to suggest a halter neckline or slightly higher neckline to avoid her showing off her cleavage.

4.    Get the Balance Just Right

If your daughter has her heart set on a strapless dress, why not compromise as get a dress that has a longer skirt? Or, if she is intent on a shorter dress for homecoming, strike a compromise by getting her to agree to wear short shorts underneath her dress.

As your princess starts to get more and more excited about her homecoming night, remember to budget to ensure she will find a great dress, and have the accessories, hair, and makeup to go with it!

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