31 October 2017

How to Safely Dispose of a Computer

Many people are often unsure about how to ethically dispose of a computer once it reaches the end of its life. Thankfully, there are many superb options to choose from to help you say goodbye to your old device. Find out how to safely dispose of a computer.


Never place your computer directly into the trash, as it will end up in a landfill and can damage planet Earth. Go green by taking the computer along to a local recycling facility, who will then send the device to a specialist to extract toxic substances, recycle reusable parts and shred the remaining pieces. An ethical recycling center will also feature a dedicated battery section to dispose of all laptop batteries in a responsible manner.

Sell Your Computer

If you no longer have a use for an old laptop, we recommend putting it up for sale online. Even if you make only a few dollars from the sale, you can use the money towards the cost of a shiny new device. So, put the gadget up for sale on an auction website, such as eBay, so your trash can become a bidder’s treasure.


Do you think your computer is not good enough for someone to purchase? You could always give a working device to someone free of charge. You can either choose to donate the item to a loved one who might benefit from the computer, or you could sign up to a freecycle website. All you need to do is advertise the unwanted PC and wait for a response from a member, who might be more than happy to take it off your hands. It is an ethical way to dispose of an old electronic device, and you will also ensure it goes to a better home.

Effectively Remove Your Data

We often store a considerable amount of data on a computer over the years, such as usernames, passwords, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Not to mention a wide range of sensitive files, such as business documents, browsing histories or family photos. However, don’t make the mistake of believing that deleting the files from your recycling bin will completely erase the files.

Every action you have made and filed you have saved will be stored on a computer’s hard drive. So, before you dispose of a computer, you must wipe the hard drive clean; otherwise, those critical files could end up in the wrong person’s hands. Contact SecureDataRecovery.com for assistance.


As you can see, there are many ways to dispose of your computer in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Whatever you do, never directly throw an electronic device straight into the trash. So, if you want to protect planet Earth and your sensitive data, you should follow our helpful tips above.
Have you disposed of your computer in an environmentally-friendly manner? Tell us how by sharing your tips and stories in the below comment section. We look forward to reading your replies.

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