18 October 2017

How To Stay Motivated & Inspired As A Mom

Parenting is not easy. It’s not enough that you are looking after the well being of your child in this crazy world, but when you factor in working a full-time job, marital challenges, finances, friends, and relatives, is it any wonder most moms are overwhelmed and stressed out?

Here are four ways moms can stay motivated and inspired while they raise their children:

1. Remember Your Childhood Years

Chances are, your years as a child were not easy. We have all faced some sort of difficulty growing up during adolescence that has translated to some form of dysfunction in our lives.

As a mother, you have an opportunity to give your child a better childhood. To be able to give them something that you were not able to get when you were growing up. By taking the time to remember your frustrations, this can motivate you to want to do better as a parent.

2. Use Inspiration Quotes Every Day

We see them all over Facebook and the web, inspirational quotes and positive quotes. And while they may seem cliché or over used, they do work.

By taking a few minutes each day to review some uplifting words, you help condition your mind for the day to be ready to take on whatever may come. Each challenge we face provides us an opportunity to choose who we are and what we want. It allows us to define what our outcome may be relating to the situation.

3. Schedule Alone Me Time

Give, give, give, and more giving. This is the life of a mother. Every day you are giving to your children, husband, employer, friends, family, pets, neighbors, and so on. While this type of behavior may seem to be “the right thing to do”, it can also be quite destructive because you will eventually run out of juice and can become resentful.

In a recent study, most mothers only get 17 minutes of “me time” each day. If you want to stay motivated and inspired, you must take more time for yourself. You must fill your tank with the good stuff so you have more to give. It may sound contradictory to your beliefs, but rest assured your children will get more from you if you give more to yourself.

4. Move Your Body Every Day

You probably hate the idea of going to the gym and that’s fine. But you must move your body in some way to get your circulation flowing and your heart pumping. You can try anything from yoga, pilates, walking, bike riding, jumping jacks, hiking, etc. Just move your body.

If you do not move your body regularly, it makes it much easier for depression to set in and your body will start to ache. This negative energy will than affect how you are able to support your child when they need you the most.

Bonus tip: Take a hot bath once a week with Epsom salt.

In conclusion, you are on a beautiful journey of helping your child into this world. By staying motivated and inspired, you will be a better version of yourself that will allow you to give them more so they can be the best versions of themselves.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post. 


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