19 October 2017

Women's RFID Wallets Safeguard More Than People Think


Currently, most people are aware of identity theft and have (probably) taken steps to preserve themselves, right? Right. Bircraft, we’re undertaking our part to help you keep safe AND fashionable with our RFID wallets. In the event you’ve heard of them- however, don’t know exactly what they do, we can shed a little light on that too. RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, that is the usage of radio waves to scan and acquire information stored on a tag connected to an object, frequently placed on a credit card. 

So it only seems reasonable to assume that scanners are developed by unsavory figures to scan and gain access to the information off your credit cards. Those scanners are used to jeopardize your information. But we’re one step forward with our RFID wallets for women beautifully made with specific lining to prevent virtually any scanners from stealing your valuable information. 

Our RIFD wallet design and style options include clutch wallets and telephone zip wallets in larger and smaller sizes, as well as different colors. Considering that you’re traveling soon, personal identity security needs to be top of mind. Our leather passport wallets also provide improved identity security with the same scan-blocking liner like our wallets. So with all this technical aspect, talking about how great these wallets look; you’d never presume that they’re engaging in dual time. Conceive it like extremely hero leather material wallets: classic attractiveness nonetheless they fight identity theft crime too. Never be worried about the sensitive information again with Bircraft leather wallets to the rescue. 

Women RFID Blocking Trifold Clutch Wallet Oil Wax Leather 

Our Credit Card Pocket is equipped with sophisticated RFID SECURE Technology, and a distinctive composite can safeguard the valuable information from being scanned by unwarranted scans of stores, supermarkets, cinema or other public places.

Women RFID Blocking Trifold Genuine Leather Wallet

 This wallet is made of Top-Grain Pebbled Leather, which feels luxury, comfortable and looks even better after using for a long time. Pebbled Leather has a distinguishing characteristic that it may have irregular wrinkles and textures, which is natural leather texture formation. Extremely practical and functional for everyday! 

Women RFID Blocking Trifold Checkbook Holder Travel Wallet. 

One Wallet is more than enough. Top quality and genuine leather, about 11 credit card slots, three clear slots for your photo identity or snapshots, a zippered region to hold change or cash, you could easily suit smaller sized phone. This is a very nice wallet, remarkable packaging attractive for showing as something special. The initial fold is a great place to get easy access to your most used cards and ID. There is even a compartment for change. A convenient feature for those who travel. 

Women RFID Blocking Large Zipper Wallet 

We choose high-quality metal zippers and hardware for durability. Gold-tone hardware has high resistance to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing, which will be gleaming like a new one even many years afterward. Zippers have likewise long been modernized to much smoother model that you can quickly zip it up without catching on anything. No concerns on zippers with our wallet!

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