16 December 2017

Store Your Photos Easily and Conveniently with ImageRanger

We live in a technology driven world, where photos are mainly stored digitally, making it a task to keep all of your photos organized.  It is common for people to keep their photos in random spots on their computer, within multiple folders, making it hard to keep track of where they all are.  ImageRanger is a photo organizer software that helps you easily and conveniently store and organize all of your treasured photos.

ImageRanger provides structured files for your photos that work for you, giving you the ability to sort your photos how you wish, such as by date or location.  You can even assign keywords to your images for easy retrieval.  Additional feature including image search and an image rating interface.  Take a lot of photos with your phone?  If they are geo tagged you can search by location the photo was taken easily with ImageRanger!

Right now you can download a free trial of ImageRanger photo organizer so you can test it out for yourself.  Fun fact:  ImageRanger can also help you find and improve low quality pictures and improve them with their contrast correcter.  Have duplicates of photos on your computer?  ImageRanger can help by locating duplicates photos.  ImageRanger offers excellent customer support if you need help along the way.  Give ImageRanger a try today!


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