25 January 2018

Using The Study App To Aid Our Learning

Lately, we have heard so much about education apps and many parents, teachers, and students are drawn to these apps. We can find both positive and negative reviews from users of the apps. I guess it all depends on what we are expecting from the apps. The problem with all apps is that unless we have downloaded it onto our mobile devices and tested it out, we wouldn’t know whether it is what we are looking for.

The good thing is that most of these learning apps can be downloaded for free, and they come with a free trial period for users to test it out before subscribing to the app. Time is needed to try out the apps until you get one that suits your requirements. To save time on searching for the right app, most users will start with an app that is popular and on top of the list. So if you are using an Apple device, you will download one of the top iTunes study apps. Then you start to enjoy the free trial period to test out the app.

If you are an Android device user, then you will download one of the Google Play learning apps from the Play Store. You will also get to try out the app with the free trial period. Online learning has both advantages and disadvantages.

v  Students get to study at their own pace. Students who are slow need not have to worry about trying to catch up with the other students. The fast learners need not have to held back to wait for the slower learners.

If a student were to learn Science online, the student will have access to videos and audio by different teachers who are experienced in the Science field. The student get to enjoy watching many lab experiments and getting to see the results of the experiments.

Students tend to remember better through the virtual lab experiments, stories with characters, 3D animations, games, quizzes and puzzles, etc.

Students get to enjoy access to all the resources made available to the students.

Online learning requires the commitment and self-discipline of the students in order to follow the learning process till completion.

Education apps is useful but the apps cannot fully replace the traditional way of learning where students come together in a class and interact with each other and with the teacher.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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