20 February 2018

Five Must-Have Qualities of 21st Century Teachers

Are you thinking about entering the teaching profession? Not surprisingly, the work of a teacher today is a lot different from the work of a teacher 100 or even 50 years ago. Of course, in order to be effective and serve their students, teachers must be dedicated to the work. This has always been true. Look at five must-have qualities for any teacher who wants to find success in a 21st century classroom.

Knowledge of Computer Technology

No matter what grade level you want to teach, you’ll be using some technology in the classroom. For instance, if you teach elementary school students you’ll need to know how to use a computer or tablet to look up resources for reports and projects. A teacher working in a high school needs to know how to find and incorporate educational websites into a lesson. It’s a good idea for a teacher to know more about the technology used in the classroom than his or her students! A 21st century teacher is up to the challenge of using technology to contribute to various types of lessons. Some other examples of classroom technology include iPads, digital portfolios, laptops and projection systems.


The effectiveness of school teachers is related to flexibility. Not all students learn in the same way and at the same pace. So, a teacher must know how to adjust a lesson to make it accessible to all the students in the classroom. If there needs to be a discussion about a particular topic within a lesson, then a teacher must be willing to go with the discussion in order to clarify difficult points. Being flexible in the classroom keeps a teacher from becoming frustrated and helps students to thoroughly understand what they are being taught.

Excellent Listening Skills

A teacher today must be willing to listen to the thoughts and opinions of students. This can help teachers get a feel for whether their students understand a lesson. Sometimes the comments of a student can assist a teacher in making the proper adjustments to an assignment. One of the main goals of a teacher should always be to convey a lesson so students can easily understand it.


Good teachers empathize with their students. As with any generation, today’s students have a variety of issues and challenges they deal with. Teachers must be able to empathize with what their students are going through. A teacher who is supportive and encouraging can be very valuable to a student who is working through a tough situation at home.


Patience is one of the most important qualities a teacher can possess. After all, some students are more prepared to learn than others. So, a teacher must figure out how to convey a lesson while maintaining order in the classroom.

Lastly, consider whether you have these five qualities as you think about a career as a teacher. Also, think about what grade level you would like to teach. Maybe you feel at ease with young students or perhaps you like interacting with high school students. Qualified and dedicated teachers at all grade levels play an essential part in the lives of our young students today.

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