13 February 2018

Five Study Tips for the TOEFL

Are you preparing to take the TOEFL? If so, you want to make the most of your study time. Studying in an organized, consistent way is the best route to success on the TOEFL. Look at five study tips that can help you study in the most effective way.

Create a Study Schedule

Writing down a study schedule can help you to progress with each study period. If you have a complete study schedule you simply have to look at it each day to know what to focus on. This allows you to start your study session immediately and use the hours wisely.

Reward Yourself for Progress

When you complete an especially challenging lesson in your studies, reward yourself for it. This is a great way to stay motivated as you get closer to test day. Some examples of rewards include a milkshake, a movie with a friend, a trip to a clothing store or a walk in the woods.

Take a Course

A TOEFL course can help you cover all of the topics and lessons you need to in order to feel prepared for the test. A study program provides you with organization and allows you to see what topics you understand as well as those that need extra attention. If you like to have your studies planned out for you so you can follow along with an established program, then a course is likely a good idea for you.

Study with a Friend

Studying with a friend can be advantageous as you prepare for this test. A friend can quiz you on difficult words or topics. Also, the person can encourage you when you encounter challenging material. Plus, a friend or study partner can keep you accountable to your study schedule. Sometimes studying with a friend can keep the process lively, engaging and help you maintain your focus so you get the most benefit out of each lesson.

Make a Daily Checklist

Creating a daily checklist for each study period is an easy way to stay on track with what you have to learn. You simply look at your study schedule to find out which lessons you need to learn that day. As you complete each lesson, be sure to check it off your list. At the end of the session, you can look at all of the items checked off your list to see how much you’ve accomplished!

Lastly, these are just five of the many study tips for TOEFL preparation. If you dedicate yourself to doing your best on this exam, you are likely to find success with it.

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