28 April 2018

How Stay-at-Home Moms Can Re-Enter the Workforce

Your child’s first few years on this earth may have more impact in forming their personality than any other time of their life. It’s not unnatural to want to spend that time with your child, rather than have someone else raise your child while you work. In some cases, staying at home with your very young children can even be economically wiser due to the high cost of childcare services – especially in high population areas.

You may find yourself with a little too much free time once your kids have grown up enough to not need you all the time. Moms who find themselves in this situation usually consider going back to work but can be clueless on where to start.
Here are some tips and ideas to help get you back into the workforce.

Training to Become a Medical Assistant

If you’ve always wanted to get a job in the healthcare field but you weren’t sure where to start, consider becoming a medical assistant. A medical assistant's role is to complement the care of a physician and to perform administrative tasks. This job requires a good eye for detail, as you may be responsible for documenting patient conditions or lab work.

Training programs to get you well-suited for a new career can be completed in as little as nine months to a year. From there, you can expand your education to continue to build your credentials to earn promotions and higher salaries. If you’re on the west coast, look into a Las Vegas medical assistant school; the city is home to some of the region’s best institutions.

Updating Your Skills and Resume

A traditional resume may not be your best bet, due to the large gap in employment. Consider a style that highlights any major professional accomplishments you had in the past, along with any part-time or volunteer work performed while not officially employed. Consider the roles you have performed and be sure to document any job-relevant experience you may have gained.

Going back to school for a certificate or degree is another option to help make you a more attractive candidate for a future employer. Take your time and find something that you really want to do; your passion for the subject will be the motivation you need to succeed.

Be Flexible

You may not be able to get that dream job right out of the gate; remaining diligent is important for jump-starting a new career. Don’t be afraid to look for part-time jobs that work around your schedule to bridge the gap. Use this time to sharpen your skills and ease you back into working life.

Take the opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues and business associates to get your name back in peoples’ ears. Getting the word out that you’re back from your hiatus could possibly lead to a job. Networking is a huge facet of the job search process: neglect it at your own peril.

Getting back the courage to start a new career after being away from the workforce can be a challenge. Spend some time thinking about what you want to do, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Find something that makes you happy and works around your life as a mother.

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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