07 May 2018

Having Kids Doesn't Have to Put a Stop to Your Educational Journey!

When people have children, they tend to say that they feel a little wiser. Their lives take on a different perspective and they begin to see things in an entirely different way. Their minds expand too. After all, you have to learn a whole new skill set in order to raise a little one and see them thrive. Chances are you’ll pick up more books than you have at any other point in your life, as you stock up on parenting magazines, books, pamphlets, and whatever other material you can get your hands on in anticipation of your new arrival. But it’s important to remember that having children doesn’t necessarily mean that the only educational journey you can subsequently pursue is one of maturity, responsibility, and child-oriented knowledge. You can still pursue more traditional routes of higher education too. Now, many people would argue that once you have a kid, you will no longer have time for courses at colleges or universities. But this isn’t true. With a little sage advice, you should be able to juggle the two aspects of your life well!

Opting for an Online Course

Children can be a handful, no matter what their age. Babies need cradling, feeding, and changing. Toddlers need to be minded or there’s a good chance they’ll work their way into trouble. Young children will bombard you with questions and require help with homework or hobbies. Often, things will be pretty non-stop until your children gain independence and can occupy themselves safely. But no matter how needy your kids may be, there will be times when they rest - napping or heading to bed early. Online educational courses such as an mba with engineering focus operate entirely online, meaning that the moment your little ones switch off you can sit down and focus on expanding your mind and becoming qualified in a new skill set or towards a new career path. The flexibility is ideal for parents!

Taking a Part Time Course

While the majority of us assume that undergraduate courses are all full time and last around three years, most courses offered by institutions now have part-time equivalents where the workload is halved. Sure, you might take twice as long to graduate. But the reduced pressure, tasks, and responsibilities can really help make higher education and option for those who already have a lot on their plates. If you find a course that catches your eye and notice that it has a part time option, feel free to message the institute and request a little more information about the required attendance hours and anticipated workload. The course convenor will be able to provide you with more information which will allow you to work out whether this is feasible for you.

While you should put a lot of thought into signing up for a higher education course, it’s important that you are aware that having children doesn’t necessarily put a stop to your potential journey! Nine times out of ten, you’ll be able to participate in the best of both worlds!

*Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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