07 June 2018

5 Ways to Make your Baby Intelligent Before Birth

Pregnancy doesn’t only come up with the good news of a beautiful addition in your family. Rather it opens up the doors for imagining success for your child too.

Hence, parents wish their child to be born intelligent, healthy and active to climb the ladder of success in life. 
We all know that every thought and activity of an expecting Mom affects the growth and development of the baby inside her womb. 

So should a Mom do something to make her baby intelligent, even before birth?
The answer is YES!

The whole period of pregnancy offers various stages of fetal brain development. Various activities in different trimesters help a lot in enhancing fetal learning capabilities and memory.

All a Mom needs is to be a little Clever!

1). Exercise

Staying idle during pregnancy, as if you are sick, is the wrong idea. 

The more you exercise, the better will be your baby’s mental growth. A simple, easy and light exercise is enough for releasing mood-boosting Endorphins in Mom’s blood that goes to the baby targeting the brain precisely. 

So exercise to make your baby intelligent!

2). Eat Fish

Don’t forget to add sea food including Fish to your weekly healthy menu during pregnancy. This will do wonders in enhancing your baby’s cognitive skill development. 

Consume Salmon and sardines as they contain more Omega 3 fatty acid which is an essential compound for fetal brain development. 

3). Read a Book

Do you think reading can help a baby after birth only?
Of course Not!

Start reading interesting books to your little baby inside your womb. The neural signals help the babies recognize the sound, words and pitch. The more you do this practice aloud in the last trimester, the baby will be better at word recognition and responds early to it.

4). Practice Mathematics

Had you always hated Mathematics in your life?

Stop hating it any more. In fact you’ll love it when you come to know that it enhances the child’s brain development. 

Regularly practicing technical mathematical questions and solving analytical questions pose a positive effect on the fetal cognitive and neural development and your child would be an expert like he has attended professional maths tuition.

5). Listen to Music

The last trimester is time when the baby’s learning abilities and memories are formed. This is the high time for Moms to be proactive in adopting smart ways to enhance the learning capabilities.
Listening to music is another smart way!

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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