09 July 2018

Pros of Electric Fireplaces With Flames That Look Real

The electric fireplaces today come in various models. They create a cozy and warm atmosphere. The days of sitting next to a real fire place mesmerized by the flames are gone, yet the artificial versions are now designed to look very similar to the traditional fireplaces, that come with mantelpieces. 

The Benefits Of Electrical Fireplaces

The electrical fireplaces are a viable alternative to heat the home instead of coal, gas, wood or any other fuels. One of the main benefits is that there are no costs involved associated with maintenance, like the models that burn wood. There is also no chimney which will need sweeping more frequently in weather conditions that are adverse. Another standout benefit is that it does away with pollution in a neighborhood when everyone is using a fireplace all at once. You will also not need to worry about keeping supplies of fuel or wood.

These models do not require ventilation, as there will be no ashes that you will need to clean out and throw away. There are also no necessary safety checks, no radiators which could leak or burst, or the consequences associated with these issues, especially when you leave your home for the day or night.

The electrical fireplace is also portable when they have not been installed into a wall. One drawback is that these fireplaces are designed for indoor use and cannot be exposed to outdoor weather and are in some cases less efficient that the conventional heaters. This is especially true when installed in a normal hearth. When they are in a wall, in order to mimic a fireplace, the walls absorb heat, unless enough insulation has been used to prevent the loss of heat.

The flames do not look real, although some companies claim that their products offer real-looking substitutes. Research is in the process for developing real-looking substitutes and have not yet been made available. The electric fireplace is something that can still be utilized in the summer months due to the atmosphere that it creates, without switching the heater on. Power consumed is usually between 1.4 and 1.6kW, that can heat a 400 sq.ft room, and many models have become steadily more efficient. You can look here if you want more information on wall fireplaces.

With these electric-models you can now choose a wooden-surround which was not always a possibility with the masonry fireplaces. The prices range from just under £200 while, more advanced models offering flames that appear more realistic, thermostat, remote control along with other types of advanced features. The remote-control feature is handy as you won’t need to leave your sofa or bed to manage a standard fireplace.

The electric fireplaces have just about no moving-parts, which means there is virtually no break downs or wear-and-tear found with the coal or gas burning models. This makes the electric fireplace a lot more reliable. You can also avoid the issues associated with smoke or gas in your home along with any risks that go with it, like carbon-monoxide explosions or poisoning. With the current price of oil that continues to fluctuate, it makes sense to rather invest in a reliable electric fireplace rather than a model that operates on gas. Lifetime quotes on these models are usually 50% longer in comparison to a gas system, which makes these fireplaces a more cost-effective choice over its lifetime.

The electric fireplace is not completely eco-friendly and also presents its own type of carbon footprint. In order to improve this issue, you may want to think about the installation of solar panels along with storing energy. If you install a sufficient amount of panels, they can easily power the fireplace along with any other appliances, which translates into heat when ever you need it with no running-costs. The solar panels are becoming cheaper and cheaper and has already started to compete with coal when it comes to the costs involved for power generation. However, it will take time before these benefits of a cheaper technology will reach the consumers.

Another benefit for this heating type is that is ready to use in listed buildings or sensitive areas like Heritage sites. No alterations are necessary in order to fit one, like flues, pipe-work or any planning or layout issues associated with the gas versions. You are also able to take your electric-fireplace with you, if you decide to move provided you have not installed it into your wall.

They also do not require additional space, because various models can be installed into an existing fireplace or mount it onto a wall. Some of the popular models now feature a surround which is a media cabinet, shelf and stand. The fireplace is situated in the middle, surrounded by a media player, your TV, and books on top. 

Maintaining An Electrical Fireplace


In order to ensure your electric fireplace operates efficiently it is important to check on the electrical components and wires to ensure they are safe and in good-condition. When the insulation on the wires have melted they will need to be replaced. Avoid the use of abrasives when you clean your fireplace to avoid scratches. It is also advisable to avoid using a glass cleaner and the controls and firebox should be cleaned regularly using a soft brush. The bulbs might fail from time to time and replacing them is an easy task.

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