03 November 2018

When Should You Contact Your Family's Funeral Home?

When a death occurs in the family, making funeral arrangements are difficult. Your mind really isn't ready for practical matters, but certain arrangements have to be made and those circumstances will require your attention. In some cases, the deceased loved one will have already chosen a funeral home, made arrangements, and prepared for related matters. If this is the case, you may only have to call the funeral home and advise them of the individual's passing.

People assume that when a loved one passes away in a hospital or other care facility, the facility's personnel will notify the funeral home. This isn't always the case, so you should be prepared to make the call in any case. Ensuring the funeral home knows about the death will help events proceed more smoothly. If the individual passes away in a more private setting, emergency personnel should first be notified. Police will arrange for the body to be transported to the medical examiner's facility, so the cause of death can be determined. Later, the medical examiner will notify the family that the decedent has been released. At this point, the funeral home can be called to pick up the body.

Whether the deceased individual requested a burial or cremation Westchester IL, the funeral home will first have to prepare the body for the funeral. Once you reach this stage in the process, you'll have to provide certain information to the funeral home director. They may request social security cards and other forms of ID to ensure you are authorized to make decisions. Additionally, the funeral home will need information about the decedent, including their full name, occupation, date and place of birth, and military service. You'll also have to provide a photo of the deceased person to help in his or her preparation for the service.

Once you have made these final arrangements, the funeral home will take charge of scheduling the funeral. They will also proceed with the burial or cremation, according to prearranged plans. This leaves you and your family able to free your minds. Grieving is a difficult state to get through, but selecting the right funeral home can alleviate much of the stress. Once the plans are made, you can take the time to remember your loved one and say goodbye in your own way.

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