17 December 2018

Four Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety and Apprehension

Four Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety and Apprehension

Anxiety and depression are often grouped together because people assume you cannot have one without the other. However, that’s not true. You can absolutely have higher degrees of either, but either could lead to the other. For children, anxiety and apprehension most often go hand-in-hand instead of anxiety and depression.

That said, there are multiple ways you can help your child overcome the effects of anxiety and apprehension. Read the following to put your mind at ease and bolster your coping skills as a caring parent. 

Encourage Healthy Worry, But Not Obsession

Everyone worries about something sometimes, but you shouldn’t worry about everything all of the time. Talk to your children about how worry is a healthy, natural thing that everyone does. Obsession, however, is when a worry reoccurs over and over again, which in turn becomes anxiety. Teach your kids to know the difference. Don’t be afraid to tell them when they are over-worrying about a topic.

Encourage Hobbies, Interests, Passions, and Healthy Habits

Children should have hobbies and interests. They should have things that they are passionate about, like reading a good book or even watching a funny show. It helps them unwind and keeps them focused on more important things later on. Encourage them to do what they love because you would want to do the same if you were feeling blue.

Ensure Proper Nutrition, Good Sleep, and Lots of Exercise

Nutrition, rest, and activity have been proven to combat anxiety and apprehension. All of these things release feel-good chemicals throughout the body, making it possible to worry less, think clearer, and maintain a healthy balance of fun and productivity. Hence, the reason these things should absolutely be established with your kids.

Tip: Get your kids into something active that they love, like taking nature walks, taking kickboxing classes, running marathons, or enrollment in a best typing program for competitive level taps across the keyboard.

Build Positive Thoughts with Praise for Accomplishments

Positive thoughts, especially in teenagers, can be difficult to dredge up on bad days. But you can help your kiddos keep level heads and positive vibes with praise for their accomplishments. Thank them. Compliment them. Encourage them to keep being the great kid you know they are.

Tip: Ask your children to write a list of their worries—no matter how silly. Then take apart those worries with them. Make them see how those worries can be turned into positive things.


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