15 December 2018

How to Decrease Your Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

Paying for commercial truck insurance for your big rig -- or for your company's entire fleet of big rigs -- can get very expensive. Right now, you might be spending more than you would like to on commercial truck insurance. It's possible to decrease your commercial truck insurance rates, though, by following these tips.

Shop Around

First, don't buy commercial insurance from the first insurance company that you come across. You also shouldn't just stick with the same company from year to year without shopping around. It's smart to shop among multiple providers for commercial insurance Lodi CA before purchasing a policy. Then, before renewing your policy every six months or once per year, you should shop around to see if any better offers are available.

Hire Employees with Good Driving Records

If you are an owner-operator who only has to worry about insuring yourself as a driver of your commercial vehicle, then you have to worry about maintaining a good driving record so that you can prevent your commercial insurance rates from being expensive. If you are an employer who employs a team of drivers to drive your fleet of commercial vehicles, then it's important to carefully screen each applicants' driving record before hiring. By employing drivers who have good driving records, you can help keep insurance rates low. This also helps you ensure that you are hiring responsible drivers to be a part of your team.

Install a GPS in Each Truck

If you don't have GPS tracking systems in all of your commercial trucks, now is the time to install them. They can help with things like recovering a vehicle if it's stolen or keeping track of the driving habits of your drivers. Additionally, some commercial insurance companies offer reduced rates for those who install these systems in all of the vehicles that they are insuring. As you can see, it's possible to decrease your commercial truck insurance rates. Following the tips above can help. You can also ask your insurance agent if there is anything that you can do so that you or your business will qualify for a discount.

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