12 March 2019

Helpful Tips to Cope with Grief and Loss

Sometimes grief can feel overwhelming and like no one understands what you're going through.  Grief and loss can come in many different forms such as a divorce or a loss of a friend or family member.  What's important to remember is that the grieving process is natural and it's common for people to grieve in different ways.  Grieving can go through many emotions including sadness, anger, denial, acceptance, and more.  The following are some helpful tips on how to cope with grief and loss.

Speak to a Therapist


Reaching out to a mental health professional if you are experiencing grief or loss can be very helpful in talking through your emotions.  A therapist is trained to provide empathy and support with any issues an individual may be struggling with.  Having an ear to listen to your feelings in a non-judgemental setting can be comforting and can help you feel at ease with someone who understands what you're going through.  BetterHelp is the largest online therapy company aimed at helping people in a convenient online setting.  You can schedule a video or phone meeting with a therapist, or even a text messaging conversation.  They offer affordable plans to fit your budget and they have over 3,000 licensed therapists available to help you.

Join a Support Group


Another way to help you work through your grief and loss is through a local support group.  By joining a support group with others who are also experiencing the same emotions you can often find not only support but friendship and advice from others in the group.  To find a local support group in your area you can look up your local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) office or click here to search for the closest one in your area.  NAMI is a great resource for local support groups and other local resources pertaining to mental health.

Start a Journal


When you're experiencing grief and loss it can be helpful to get your feelings out in a journal.  Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a very therapeutic process that allows you to not only get them out on paper, but it also allows you to reflect on what you write down.  Set aside some time each day to write in a journal and see how this may be beneficial for you.

Yoga or Meditation


While exercising is a great way to release those feel good endorphins, if you're experiencing the heavy emotions of grief and loss you may not find yourself wanting to head to the gym.  If you've never tried yoga or meditation both can be very helpful in relaxing the mind and body.  Join a local yoga class in your area or listen to some mindful meditation on YouTube.  Both of these can be very effective in setting aside some quiet time each time for reflection on thoughts, as well as a way to unwind.

I hope you have found these tips to be helpful when it comes to dealing with grief and loss.  Remember to reach out to your own support circle, whether it be your family, friends, church leader, or physician.  While you may feel alone in your grief, I recommend you try some of the mentioned tips and you may be surprised at the amount of support you receive. 

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