06 March 2019

Job Transfer? Three Steps to Make it a Smooth Transition

Sometimes, your job needs you elsewhere. Or, a new opportunity calls from another town or state. In these situations, you need to pack up family, pets, and belongings and move. 

A stressful time

Regardless if on short or long notice, making such a move can be stressful on everyone. In turn, this carries over to the first day at your new position. So, you need to figure out a few things to make the transition as smooth as possible. In the end, if you're cool and confident, then those around you will feel the same way. Here are three steps to take to make this happen.

Get someone else to move you

If your company asks you to move, hopefully they'll have a transport company ready to assist. If you're starting a brand new job, then you need to get a moving company. Packing and moving yourself will definitely increase your stress. Look for companies like Glass City Movers that handle intrastate and interstate moves. Find out how much they charge to pack as well as ship and if they can handle vehicle transport. In addition, make sure they are completely insured for damage to your goods.

Scout ahead of time

Websites and online maps only show a portion of your destination. To get a true feel for it you need boots on the ground. If the new location is in-state, consider a day trip to look around. If a few states away and your company is transferring you, ask to fly out to get a handle of the area.

Find comfortable (and temporary) housing

Staying at a hotel for a couple of days or weeks may work for you but it won't for your family. Moving away from friends and family can be a struggle, so you want to make sure the temporary place you stay is as accommodating as possible. Check the area for fully furnished rentals or corporate apartments. Introduce yourself to neighbors. Get out and see the sights to make it more of an adventure than a new job assignment. livonia mi movers

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