12 March 2019

The Benefits of Telemedicine and Telehealth

If you have never experienced it yourself yet you may have heard of telemedicine, or telehealth, which is using the internet to receive clinical care.  Telehealth can be used to schedule appointments with physicians, specialists, and even licensed mental health care providers.  What some may find surprising is that your insurance may actually cover all or a big portion of the online visit, making telemedicine convenient for busy moms, working parents, and those who may have difficulties getting to the doctor.  The following are just some of the ways that telehealth can work for you.

Online Advice


One of the great benefits of telehealth is the ability to see a licensed mental health provider in a convenient online format that works within your schedule.  Whether you're looking for mental health advice or would like to talk to someone about your concerns, telemedicine can be a great way to accomplish this.  Companies such as Better Talk provide a variety of licensed providers to choose from and they provide a listening ear in a safe space to talk from the comfort of your home.  Their website even offers a range of advice articles related to mental health worth checking out.

BetterHelp is a great resource for mental health counseling.  They work with individuals, couples, and teens to provide optimum care in a comfortable online setting.  They are the largest online counseling service with over 3,000 licensed counselors available to work with you on your schedule.  BetterHelp offers a variety of platforms for services including video meetings, as well as phone and text messages.  They have convenient plans to work with your budget and needs.

Online Doctor Visits


Maybe you're concerned about a bug bite, rash, or some cold symptoms you've been experiencing?  Telehealth makes simple office visits just that, simple.  Instead of driving to the doctor and waiting to be seen you can get an online appointment that starts on time with a doctor who can assess your symptoms and even send over a prescription if needed to your pharmacy.  Please note that some symptoms and ailments may need to be seen in person with your regular physician.

Online Referrals


If you find yourself in need of a referral to a specialist it may surprise you to know that an online appointment with a physician can achieve this.  From referrals to allergy specialists to needing a CT scan, telemedicine can help you get the referral you need.  Telehealth companies often accept most major insurance plans so be sure to check with them.  Several companies are very reasonable with their online office visit prices, so even if your insurance doesn't cover the visit it still may be a realistic option for care.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how telehealth can work for you and your family.  As always, do your research beforehand to check different companies licensing and accreditation.  You may just find that telemedicine is your family's favorite new go-to for fast, convenient, quality care!

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